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Happy Holidays from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment!
In glorification of winter, from December 19th until January 9th, the citizens of Neverwinter are celebrating the Winter Festival of Simril, the observance of the winter solstice and the longest night of the year. It’s a time of festivity, with a whole new region, new gameplay modes, and a multitude of new companions and mounts for players to get into the spirit of winter. Take a break from the new additions of the Shadowmantle module and join us in the town of Twilight Tor, where players can take part in the Twilight Run, go ice fishing, defeat frigid foes, collect both the Lights of Simril and the Stars of Fortune, and gaze into the sky for a fortune that could change a player’s fate. Citizens of Neverwinter have heard rumors that early January will bring even more bountiful rewards including new items and event features. What surprises could be in store?
The Winter Festival events include:
Screenshots of the Winter Festival can be found HERE.
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