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The current trend in all manner of games is the 'escape room' and NEVEROUT combines Escape Room with the Puzzle game genre.;

Who you are or why you are in this 'prison' isn't made clear and doesn't really matter, all you need to know is that every room has a way out of it and this exit always leads to another room and another puzzle.

NEVEROUT is playable as VR (Virtual Reality), in fact although I have only played it as 'Normal vision' it looks like it has been designed specifically for VR and thus it is amazing it can always be played as a straightforward puzzle game for the PS4/PS4 Pro. You can flip back and forth between VR and Normal (if you have a PS4 VR headset) and you can get full 4K visuals if you have a monitor device/TV capable of receiving it and a PS4 Pro to deliver it.


It is like being inside a Rubik's Cube with every turn of the cube causing the walls to become the floor or the ceiling and the ceiling and floor to become the walls - every which-way is up!

Once you have managed to discover the pathway to the exit point said point will open and drop you through to the next room. This may be the same colour, it may be different, it may contain cages and these cages may be fixed in position or loose so that they slide from top to bottom as the 'cube' is turned. If you happen to be in the wrong space when the metal cage slides down at speed you get hurt (squished basically) and have to start the room again - one of the good points being that you don't go right back to the beginning of the game just the beginning of the room.


As you progress through the rooms they generally get more difficult, often more frustrating too. Different shapes and visuals may or may not cause issue with your escape plan, some are red-herrings though none are either red or fish.

The PS4 controller is rather sensitive and the axis is flipped so that just a slight touch pushing the left stick upwards will see your view shifting downwards faster than you would expect - it takes a lot of trial and error to conquer the learning curve required to control the game. In the beginning rooms it is easy but as the puzzles get tougher the need for competent control becomes stronger.


In my mind NEVEROUT is a definite must have for players who enjoy the mental acrobatics required to solve these intricate mystifications within these dungeon-style rooms that turn from cold stone to soft padded walls. 

Time disappears while playing NEVEROUT.  New rooms and new puzzles continue to be discovered as you emerge through the doors, it seems to be never-ending, hence the name 'Neverout'. If there is a way out, and I have to assume there possibly may be, I haven't found it yet. Just like I have never managed to complete a Rubik's cube even after all these years. I don't expect that NEVEROUT will remain as impossible as the aforesaid Cube but at this moment in time I have to admit that the end is most definitely not in sight. If you want value for money then this certainly has more than a few minutes play.

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