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Designed by Chih Fan Chen for 2-4 Players  Aged 8+  @30 minutes  

This is a fast-paced fun game for family and friends to enjoy over coffee and cake. It has easy to learn rules, nice colourful cards in an
amusing funky Victorian Cyberpunk style.

The Start player takes the Number 1 "Starting Inventions Card" and the other players follow suit in clockwise order, taking 2, 3 and 4.
All players except the Start Player are also given a Tool card to begin their Laboratory - where the players place their Invention Cards.
Available Invention cards begin dealt under the number cards in Invention Row.


As I said, this is an easy game to learn with each player's turns consisting of just three simple phases:
1. Doll Dice (which I'm pretty sure is meant to be "Roll Dice" but would actually have introduced an additional element of invention if it had meant Dolls))

2. Take Actions.
3. Refill Invention Row

After rolling the dice you have a choice of 4 Actions (phase 2) that affect Inventions: Build, Use, Charge or Swap the cards in Invention Row.
You may build an Invention from those available in Invention Row if one of your dice meet the requirements of an Invention card. Basically you need more than just one dice for the equation; you have to match the number above the Gear symbol on the Invention card and also the value of the Dice Value card it sits on(under) in Invention Row. 


One of the reasons for building Inventions is so that you can use their special abilities, each different creation being unique. Once used an Invention is "tapped" (turned sideways) until it is Charged, which is another of the Actions available to you.

If there are no Inventions available for the dice you have rolled you can spend one of your dice to swap the positions of two adjacent Invention cards - you would do this to move the chosen Invention under a Number Card that you can match, or perhaps because you think it may affect another players decision. You are also trying to collect as many different Inventions as you can for their overall value plus the Bonus Points and of course the game is about scoring Victory Points and having the most when the game ends.


MAYDAY GAMES are renown for the quality and fun factor of their games and NERDY INVENTIONS doesn't let their reputation down. It isn't a hard-thinking game, or a heavy strategy game for core gamers, it is a hands-on, straightforward, decision making, family game. There is a fair amount of luck because your options depend on a dice roll, but it is how you use the dice and the cards you buy with them that make the game enjoyable, especially when you are playing with 8-11 year olds who you have managed to pry away from their PS4 or XBox ONE for half-hour. 

Suggestions from amongst our players are that the Inventions aren't as wacky or geeky or even as nerdy as their expectations, but that overall it is a nice 30 minutes when spent in good company.

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