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Be the massive raid boss in VR, smacking heroes around with your awesome powers. Be a multi-headed dragon spewing fire, or an arcane entity wielding the power to tear down worlds. Only possible in the ultimate VR bossfight game: Nemesis Realms!


Nemesis Realms: Unfortunately I couldn't make this work with using my keyboard other than making the character on the red circle under the Asian Arch jump and move until he fell off the platform and then returned.
This is a VR game and it looks interesting. I am told it will work without the 3D equipment for your PC but you need to use a hand controller. The controller I have doesn't accept it for reasons known only between my PC and the controller, and they aren't sharing them.

What I have seen of the game it looks fun. It is bright and colourful ad the characters are well defined (they appear in the red rectangles - these look like the flip side of playing cards) though in the screenshots I have taken for here these "cards" are greyish with a green symbol in the centre, apart from the last one on the left which says "Nemesis Realms"

Therefore sadly I cannot review it as a game but it looks so good that it is definitely worth taking a look at if you have an acceptable controller  for your PC or better still, you have PC 3D equipment which I believe is Occulus Rift or Vive, though don't just take my word for this. I have VR Gear which works amazingly with my android phone but I cannot yet locate an easy way to work this for the PC. I have been told it is possible but I hesitate at some of the things I have to do/upload in case they prevent it working again with my phone.

I could look online and "steal" sentences here and there from other reviews but I don't do that. I would advise you to spend some time researching before buying anything.





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