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NECROPOLIS 2350    Savage Worlds    Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams    TRIPLE ACE GAMES

This role-playing game is a mix of Military-Horror-Science-Fiction and it uses the excellent Savage Worlds system (so to play you will need the Core Rules Book for Savage Worlds) but it does have its own Character creation as well as its own definitive mechanics for skills, actions, adversaries and much more.

Following the destruction of Earth and other worlds Salus, aka Necropolis, is the only inhabitable world where Humanity can possibly rebuild. Unfortunately apart from the two major human factions, the Third Reformation Church and the Union of Corporations. There is one other faction interested in taking control of Salus, the Rephaim. The Rephaim (aka the Dead Ones) are planning to decimate the world of Salus and eradicate all traces of humanity. (Why they wanna kill all the Traceys?)

So with Earth destroyed and Salus the only World left, you would think that the humans would band together to defeat the Rephaim. Well, think again!  The Religious community, made up of various skilled peoples, are mainly Knights and Chaplains as player characters. The Corporations are there for the GM (War Master) to use as, when and how they wish, involving them in the story to benefit or hinder the PCs as the devil takes them.

The Rephaim may be the Dead Ones but they are not mindless Zombies, in fact they are well organised in military fashion, if not in Military Fashion. This makes for some interesting exchanges between them and the PC’s.

There are far more Rephaim than there are humans, at least more than humans who can fight, so it is good to know that if the party have an Artillerist amongst them they can call in long range mortar and artillery support, aimed and directed to where the Artillerist details it to be.

This volume also contains a myriad of scenario/adventure ideas, some of which have the opportunity for random selection, or they can be simply selected from the lists available. Then there is the full scale adventure, Battle for New Budapest, which is designed for 4-6 player characters.

Just before the end of the book there is the Bestiary which details the friends and adversaries of the Player Characters, and just prior to the Bestiary are a number of SAVAGE TALES. These are short missions that can be slotted into an adventure if the War Master thinks the campaign needs a little more action, or indeed if one of the missions fits into the current in-game situation.

A unique background for a great system.


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