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Navy Field 2 Open Beta Test Starts April 18th and Facebook events are live now!

Be ready to conquer the ocean and rewrite naval history!

Luxembourg, 9th April 2013 Navy Field 2, the brand new free-to-play massively multiplayer naval real-time strategy game from NEXON Europe, will enter Open Beta Testing on April 18th.

Throughout the period of the Public Evaluation Test, NEXON Europe listened to the extensive feedback from the community and implemented important changes such as a more user friendly tutorial, allowing players to fully understand the Navy Field 2 experience, interface changes to enable a more MMO experience and scaling the game to make it even larger than before.

In Navy Field 2, players will experience impressive naval action with large-scale warfare with up to 64 players in 32 vs. 32 in PvP battles. Players will build their ships to fight for one of four nations, which are Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan. With over 170 ships that can be remodeled into 456 different styles; including destroyers, battle cruisers, aircraft carriers, and submarines, the level of customization has been tremendously evolved compared to Navy Field 1. Yet, building a ship with the most fire power will not guarantee to win a battle in Navy Field 2.

“In Navy Field 2, there is no such thing as an unbeatable ship. The game offers a balanced Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic whereby each vessel has unique strengths and weaknesses. In this balanced environment, players must manage their forces with meticulous strategies to win each battle,” said Kent Jeong, Director at SD EnterNET, the developing studio. 

In the Open Beta Test, players can experience ‘epic’ missions like Dover, Midway and the Solomon-Isles by using historically accurate fleets to capture the atmosphere of the time. There will be two game modes such as ‘Total War’ (Deathmatch) where players earn points with every ship they destroy, and ‘Base Occupation’ where players have to occupy the Strongholds of their enemies.

Moreover, to celebrate Open Beta Test, NEXON Europe has prepped a couple of interesting Facebook events to actively engage with players in various roots. From Navy Field 2’s Facebook page ( any player can participant the events which are,

-          Facebook Pop Quiz Event: Users can win a Navy Field 2 USB memory card or an authentic battleship model by simply answering or sharing the pop quiz on Navy Field 2 Facebook page

-          Facebook App Event: Users can play the Navy Field 2 Facebook App and get points for special in-game items (Starts on April 18th)

For more information about Navy Field 2 visit ; or follow Navy Field 2 on Facebook at

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