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NATSUKI CHRONICLES has two Mode Settings; Story and Arcade. Steam Powered

Both are quite similar with the main exception being the Story plays out over several stages. The tale alternates between the past and present of the game's heroine, Natsuki, as she works her way up in life from a rookie to a Ginga Force TopGun pilot. Ginga Force is pronounced with two 'hard' Gs as in GinGa and not JinJer (aka Ginger) possibly because there are no Ginger pilots (at least none that I have met).

The game is basically an updated, revised and much more prettier version of DEFENDER. Side-scrolling left to right with trillions of multi-firing craft heading from right to left, dropping out of huge, multi-weaponed container ships, the best thing I could do was meander up, down, forward and backward, constantly firing (once I discovered which the firing keys are - not natural K and X) and surviving as long as I can.

It's fast, and (can I say 'furious' ?) chaotic, non-stop (almost) action, brightly coloured and loud. It is an endurance test/beat-your-own-score game, so playable over and over, especially in Arcade mode.

Like most Arcade games there are floating bonuses that can boost your performance in a wide variety of different ways, just fly through them. The Steam website has the following to say about the game, which is not dissimilar to my own findings (above) which were made before locating the page. 


New dramatic horizontal shoot ’em up that takes place in the same setting as Ginga Force. An immersive story that follows protagonist Natsuki. Discover the story of her past as a rookie pilot up to present day with events that are parallel to those in Ginga Force.

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