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Naruto Saga's Eight Gates to Success
IceGames details how to use gates to gain extra ninja power in the Naruto team-combat MMO

IceGames Co. Ltd, an online games publisher and operator of the platform, has detailed the Eight Gates to successful character levelling in Naruto-inspired team combat MMORPG, Naruto Saga.

Currently in open beta on the platform, Naruto Saga brings a fresh set of gameplay experiences into the world of the fabled Naruto anime series. Combining tactical one-on-one battle systems with quick time events (QTEs), dynamic quest systems based on Naruto plots, powerful Beast Summoning, exciting Arena PK and mysterious Ninja Transformation features, Naruto Saga gives players immense freedom while challenging them to use wisdom and courage to overcome obstacles as they strive to become the top ninja in the land.

Available every 10 levels, the Eight Gates is a key feature of progression for Naruto Saga players. Miss them or fail to realise their potential and ninjas miss out on unlocking some truly massive stat boosts.

Gates are a gateway (duh!) to extra power, and every gate is unique, offering a different way for players to permanently increase their character's abilities. After the first gate, Gate of Opening, which boosts HP, players may choose the gate they wish to unlock from the following options and add more gates every 10 levels:

Gate of Healing: boosts all SG ATK
Gate of Life: boosts S.ATK
Gate of Pain: boosts Crit
Gate of Limit: boosts DOD
Gate of View: boosts Block
Gate of Wonder: boosts SPD
Gate of Death: boosts Chakra

Once opened, ninjas can increase the benefits of a Gate further by filling it with "Energy", which is obtained by smelting crystals.

Crystals are scattered across Naruto Saga's ninja world waiting to be found. They can also be earned by exchanging Chakra Spars; just speak to Kakashi, Sakura, Tsundae, and the Third Hokage to find out how!

Gates level-up higher the more energy they receive, and can be pushed to whole other levels by feeding them rare Nucleus Shards.

The Naruto Saga open beta is available now! Interested players can register for free now at the official website.

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