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Friedberg, December 9, 2016: Deck building games are known. Games-author John D. Clair has gone a step further, with Mystic Vale developed from the deck building mechanism, the Card Crafting system. With transparent Enhancement cards the starting cards to be personalized. So come about new card combinations in each lot. On the SPIEL'16 was Mystic Vale sold out after a short time. The card crafting game is available again immediately.

A curse is on the valley of life. As Druids, the players try to stop the decay and heal the country. Each player has a deck of 20 cards. If a player's turn, he can determine how many cards he reveals himself. However, too many expiration symbols on the map mean the end of their own train - but who successfully challenges his luck, can be rewarded with powerful cards. Once the deck is exhausted, all discarded cards are shuffled.

On their own cards mana and soul icons are displayed next to the negative decay symbols. For Mana, players can buy upgrades and thus improve their own maps. Upgrades are transparent cards that are plugged into the cases of starting cards and bring new skills and other symbols into play. With the soul symbols players can buy supports that have a permanent game effect. Both with upgrades, as well as support, players can get the coveted victory points to determine the new champion Druids at the end of the game and save the valley of life.

Mystic Vale is a connoisseur game for two to four players, ages ten years, who want to create their own, powerful cards and a unique deck of cards in an hour.

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