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Developed by Pirita Studios. Published by Application Systems Heidelberg. Released February 18th 2021

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The worst happened and Earthlings (err I mean Humans) all departed the Planet, alighting on Mars and settling, like the travelers of the Olde Wild West, with the exception of using titanium & aluminium built rockets instead of horse drawn covered wagons (please note I said 'covered' not 'Covid' wagons) for the journey.

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Now, 3000 years later (in the year 5000), the folk on Mars are rather unhappy, and yearning for the Planet Earth they have learned about from their Mars history lessons. Their resolve has culminated in an archaeological expedition sent out to discover whether Earth is as ruined and useless as they have been told. As the young (Shaggy from Scooby-Doo looking) Henry Dijon, you are part of the crew which includes the unlikely named Cobra, Luc, Carlata, Max, Micro and Totel, the groups Leader. This is a comedic adventure in the manner of many other comedic adventures. The hero, Henry, asks questions from a list. You can choose the order in which you ask them but it is better that you ask them all, even the most mundane and inane, because somewhere amongst all the answers you may find a (der der der - that's a dramatic music moment if you didn't get it) clue!

This is one of those games where you can collect just about everything that's not nailed down. Unlike many games that allow this block collecting, Mutropolis has a use for virtually all items, some on their own, others manipulated together to form objects for a specific purpose.

It's a good job that most of the locations are pleasant because to gain knowledge and collect items (and clues) there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between them.

The answer to some of the puzzles seem obvious, though not always easy to gain the necessary pieces even when you have a good idea (or know) what you need. Others are quite abstract and require out of the box thinking - not that I can ever remember getting into a box - rather unconventional and often seemingly illogical, but generally fun meandering towards the conclusions.

Point (cursor), Click (LMB), Search, Question. Likeable characters, quality voice talent, interesting locations, charming, pleasant, amusing and challenging, with a soundtrack that doesn't get on your nerves or make you want to pull your hair out the way some do. The one major 'ing' missing from the above list is 'exciting'.

Henry uses his Geological Chronometer to determine the age of things. This helps him determine if rocks or inscriptions, for examples, are ancient or reasonably modern. Aha! Intriguing clues can be found using this piece of equipment. However, his most useful piece of equipment is his beloved but outdated Trowel, once you have discovered and deducted how to find it.

If you get stuck you can find a complete walkthrough, about 4 hours worth here. I admit to using it a couple of times, for reviewability purposes only, honest guv! 

If you start playing and quickly find the groove you could easily find time floating past without you noticing the minutes drifting into hours. As I said, the walkthrough will take you about 4 hours to watch from start to finish, or you could spend an average 9-11 hours actually playing it. When I started watching it was as if I was viewing an animated play, one where the 'actors' aren't particularly over animated - apart from Henry (who you are moving around) many other characters are stock still apart from the occasional arm waving, head moving etc.

Missing items, missing people, even a missing City.
Drama:  There's more drama and intrigue than found in a whole week of TV 'Soaps'.
Puzzles: There are more Puzzles than seen in a week of TV Quiz and Panel shows.
Mystery: There are more mysterious happenings than in any episode of 'Nancy Drew' or 'The Twilight Zone'.

Be prepared to make MUTROPOLIS your life for at least the next 9+ hours once that angry moggy clicks over to the game screen.


About Pirita Studio

MUTROPOLIS is the debut adventure game from Madrid-based artists Beatriz Gascón and Juan Pablo González. As Pirita Studio, they've crafted a game full of adorable animation and hand-drawn wonderment. Henry's adventure combines old-school point & clickery with a fun, modern interface.

A neat quote from the Mutropolis/Steam site: "the gods of ancient Egypt are real and they’re trying to destroy humanity. - Have fun!"

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