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We've great news - Zone Compendium 2 is now available to play alongside MUTANT: Year Zero! Following the success of Lair of the Saurians, this exciting new Compendium takes players to very different and ever scarier regions of the Zone. You can now pre-order for delivery from 1st October!
Zone Compendium 2: Dead Blue Sea is the second official supplement to the Mutant: Year Zero RPG. This booklet gives you a whole new way to play the game - at sea...
"The wind grew stronger and the waves even bigger, wilder. The scrap barge heeled over and creaked under the strain, cold Zone water flooding it with every crashing wave. We had left the Ark at dawn and set out for the old oil rigs on the northern horizon. Now the tall swell and lashing rain blocked all sight of them. We could only fight to stay on board, and pray to the Ancients that the barge wouldn't break apart. "Torpedo fish!" Franton suddenly yelled. "Underneath us!" he continued, pointing into the dead blue sea. For a fraction of second, I saw a dark shade in the deep. A large shadow. That was no torpedo fish. It was something far worse..."
Zone Compendium 2 Features:

      A whole new Zone at sea, described in text, illustrations, and a full-color map. Let your characters travel here, or play an entire campaign in the Dead Blue Sea.

      New mutations and rules for Zone travel at sea, including navigation, weather, wind, and diving.

      New monsters from the deeps to hunt your characters. Face torpedo fish, strangle weed, rot plankton, and the huge Leviathan.

      The Zone Sector Cage Island - can the characters escape the clutches of the mutant slavers?

      The Zone Sector Oilfields of the Ancients - Who are the mysterious soldiers guarding the ruined oilfields from the Old Age?

      The Zone Sector Drifters From Afar - Where do these faraway strangers come from, and why are they here?

      The Zone Sector Ghost Ship - What secrets are hidden on board the rusted wreck of an ancient super-yacht, drifting in the Zone?

      New maritime artifacts for the characters to find in the Dead Blue Sea.


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