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Personally I am not sure why there is the need for a Beta test when this is a revised version of a pre-published game and there has also been a movie (which sadly failed to rise to the hopes and expectations), but if the Beta can get more people to play MC then I say go for it. With PATHFINDER edging D&D for the top honours in fantasy role-play games maybe it is time to find a new (or revised) Science-Fiction-Fantasy RPG for this decade. With this in mind Modiphius are Kickstarting Mutant Chronicles rpg, one of the most exciting sci-fi media mix of the 90's.
Modiphius have launched the free 47 page Public Beta Playtest for the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition on DriveThruRPG & 
Quickplay Beta rules designed by Jay Little, an intro & adventure by Gunnar Roxen and pre-generated characters will launch players in to the techno-fantasy, diesel-punk world of Mutant Chronicles. 
We'd love you to test it out and let us know what you think, and mention it in your posts if you like the look of it. 
Modiphius Entertainment is also excited to announce that British artist Wayne Reynolds will paint the cover for the Mutant Chronicles RPG core book when the Kickstarter reaches £102k (currently at £91k/ $150k)
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