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STEAMED MUSHROOMS .... Taken all the way up to Eleven


MUSHROOM 11: When I first loaded and began to play this game on Steam I hadn't a clue what I was about to experience. I had no instructions and had read nothing about the game on the internet other than the news I had put on GGO announcing that the game was on its way. Sure, once you know what the game is you can understand the press releases but until then they give little away and only serve to incite the anticipation and whet the appetite for a new type of platform and levels game.


So the game begins and there is this green mass just sitting there just waiting for a mouse cursor to be run over it and clicked, so naturally I run my mouse cursor over it and click - I aint totally stoopid!!! WOW!! a smokey white circle appears and the green mass begins to fragment and move. Depending on whether I click the right or left mouse button the green mass reacts differently. Hey, this is cool! 

It's like a wacky science project involving green slime. Finally I get the hang of moving it. If I push  the slime some of it invariably breaks off and falls behind but I soon discover that as long as the bulk of the mass is in front the particles left behind will catch up and invest themselves back into the whole. 


Once I have the ball rolling I begin to maneuver it to my left, up and over the first obstruction and on to a ledge where I have to quickly propel it over and then bounce it off of a smaller protrusion before  it falls into the hellfire below and is evaporated.

The game continues in this vein, showing the way, presenting obstacles, hazards and annihilation as well as the means to defeat the traps - all you have to do is work out the routine required and then get the slimy green mass to conform to your demands.

As you progress so do the obstacles. It becomes a man versus machine challenge where the determined player refuses to let the game beat him or her. It gets more and more frustrating and of course more and more challenging.


MUSHROOM 11 depends on how clever the player is and how accurate they are with the pushing mechanic. It is very easy to disperse the green mass back to where it came from at the start of your move and even lose it altogether into one of the many traps and fire-pits. Sometimes it is a matter of speed, other times it is dexterity required, and quite often, and this is where my ailing fingers and fragile brain cell lose out, both dexterity and speed are required; though of course you had always best plan out your route before any attempt to move and maneuver the mass occurs. 

Throughout the game you will need cunning and guile, as you encounter the various traps and what triggers and releases them. You move forward leaving portions, just enough, not too small and not so large so as the mass rolls back, behind to control the pressure plates etc. The good thing is that most of the game you are allowed to take your time and survey the problem before attempting to solve it.


I haven't completed the game yet, but I hope to. However it isn't one that I can play for very long at a time, mainly because I get so GRRRR!!! with it after 20-30 minutes, and so it is going to take me some time, mainly playing it as and when I have spare minutes available. I don't know whether to recommend MUSHROOM 11 to you or not because I don't want to be the target of all the cursing that will occur once you get hooked on this softly addictive, crazy, manic, experimental adventure.


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