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MUNDUS NOVUS ASMODEE  Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget

As you would expect from such a distinguished pairing of game authors, this is a well constructed game with minimum pieces - 2 card decks and some tokens - but maximum gameplay.

Most of the cards are self explanatory but the character cards each have a separate description in the rules booklet. I advise all players to learn the abilities and effects of as soon as possible, because the use of these character cards can be very helpful during the course of play.

MUNDUS NOVUS is basically a clever trading game in which players earn Doubloons, Inca Relics and/or Victory Points plus they collect resources, all of these aim towards the Victory conditions - most VPs at game end, owning 75 Doubloons or collecting a set of 10 different resources.

The main mechanic of the game is the trading between players and the Market. The Trade Master decides whether 2, 3 or 4 cards are to be offered for trade and each player has to place the chosen number face down in front of them, all players revealing them at the same time.

The first player takes a card from another player and either puts it in their hand or exchanges it with one of the cards in the Market. Trade between the same two players is possible but not in consecutive trades.

The players are trying to collect sets of cards to trade in for Developments - Inca cards count as Wild for this purpose. Unless the players have used all their cards at the end of this phase (or placed them in a warehouse) the remaining cards must be discarded.

Developments have a variety of advantages towards playing and winning.

Packaged in a neat box that is easily stored or carried. A very intriguing trade and strategy game, well worth playing regularly.


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