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Not only that satirical card game Munchkin is a cult, but also the Munchkin Crusade. The Crusade is THE tournament series for Munchkin. Each station is also a qualifier for the finals of the German Cup. Kill the monster - Steal the treasure - your buddy knife - Win exclusive PRICES!

Every year, countless try Munchkin players to achieve victory on one of the legendary Munchkin Crusade tournaments in Germany. Finally, the winner not only qualified for the finals of the German Cup (on Sat 26.10.2013 at the SPIEL in Essen, last chance qualifier on Thursday and Friday), but is also awarded a special prize: 2013 winner will receive all of a Munchkin Crusade of a signed Munchkin Illustrator JOHN Kovalic original sheet.

All the participants also get the Munchkin Crusade EXCLUSIVE promo card "card trick" and a step counter. The card is available exclusively for participants of the Crusade.

But that's not all. On the Crusade there is to win many more prizes. By participating, you may be surprised! Newcomers are welcome and have often proved a victory that they are true Munchkins. Also, the Munchkin fans from Switzerland and Austria have the opportunity to participate in the Crusade. In both countries a Crusade Tournament takes place.

The next Crusade stations:

07/20/2013 from 16 clock  Heroes World, Magdeburg

27.07.2013 at 10:30 clock   FeenCon Bonn (on Pegasus Spiele version)

Munchkin Crusade 2013 - Stations

17:08:13 Highlander Games, Bochum
17:08:13 Fantasy Stronghold, Ludwigsburg
24/08/13 Mage Store, Dusseldorf
25.08.13 Game dream, Osnabrück
31.08.13 Game Pyramid, Karlsruhe
06:09:13 Harry planet, Vienna
07:09:13 Seetroll, Constance
07:09:13 Kiel, Gandalph
14:09:13 FUNtainment, Munich
14:09:13 triangle corner, Dresden
21:09:13 Fantasy Warehouse, Iserlohn
Capito 26/09/13 - The Games Shop (in the event Moritzbastei), Leipzig
27/09/13 BAD NAUHEIM plays!
28/09/13 German Games Museum, Chemnitz
29/09/13 Imp's Shop, Ulm (on the CATCON), Ulm
05:10:13 FUNtainment, Berlin
05:10:13 DracheNäscht, Switzerland (on the Suisse Toy), Berne
12:10:13 Hiveworld, Cologne
and in Ultra Comix, Nuremberg DATE FOLLOWS

More Crusade stations as well as all the important information about Munchkin and the Crusade will be published on / munchkin.

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