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THEROS: This is a large release for Magic the Gathering. It is, I believe, available in Boosters, Fatpacks and Intro Packs. Theros is one of the Multiverse Planes that you, as a Planeswalker get to visit and explore

The THEROS block comprises of three sets featured and themed around Ancient Greece and the myths, legends, heroes and monsters associated with this wondrous era of history and fable.
The "Favors from Nyx" deck as it stands allows you to use the bestow ability (gifts of the gods) on your creatures so that you can call upon them or enchant and enhance them as the battle rages.
This is a deck for the thinker, the clever player who likes to outwit rather than out bludgeon their opponents.

In the "Manipulate Monstrosities" deck you control the mighty Kraken, Lightning from Zeus, the Forces of Nature and Behemoths of gigantuan proportions. Smash your opponent into the ground.

"Devotion to Darkness" has many permanent cards that build up your power and drain your opponent. Play cautiously, defending and parrying until the moment to strike and then it is all over before your adversary realises that their expected victory has been turned upside down and they are now drowning in despair.

"Anthousa's Army" This is a very potent deck with the hero's ability to turn lands into attacking forces taking advantage of the weakness caused by your Auras, Instants and Sorcery.

To begin with "Blazing Beasts of Myth" is a counter-attacking hit and run and hide behind cheap blockers deck. Only when you have exhausted your opponent's threat does your real strength break through and win the day.

Five separate different INTRO Packs are available, each with one predominant colour and one subsidiary colour of the five major MtG sets. In each deck the ratio of Land cards by colour to the Spells and Creatures per colour have been rated according to the costing and the number of the cards. Whenever you build a deck you need to get a good ratio of Land cards even though there are a lot of other cards you may prefer including. If you don't have enough Lands then you will never find your favourite cards available to you.

Favours from Nyx:   White & Black
22 Creatures 16 white (1 R 2 UC)  5 black (2 UC)  + 1 white/black UC
13 Spells - 8 white 5 black  1 Rare white with 2 + 2 white & black UCs
25 Land - 16 plains 9 swamps

Manipulative Monstrosities: Blue & Red
18 Creatures - mainly blue   3 blue + 1 red UC 1 blue Rare and 1 no colour UC
16 Spells - 7 blue inc 1 Rare + 2 UC  and 9 red inc 3 UC
26 Land - 16 islands  10 mountains

Devotion to Darkness: Black & Blue
20 Creatures - 18 black (inc 1 R and 4 UC)  2 blue UC
15 Spells -  1 no colour UC  8 black (1 R 1 UC) 6 blue (4 UC)
25 Land - 16 swamps  9 islands

Anthousa's Army: Green & White
20 Creatures - 12 green (1R 2 UC) 6 white 2 UC + 2 green/white UC
15 Spells  - 8 green (1 R 3 UC) 7 white (3 UC)
25 Land - 13 forest  12 plains

This is the Intro Pack I have been using against 2014 and Maze decks
Blazing Beasts of Myth: Red & Green

22 Creatures - 10 red (1 R 2 UC) 11 green (3 UC) + 1 red/green Rare
13 Spells - 10 red (2 UC) 2 green UC + 1 red/green UC
25 Land - 14 mountain 11 forest

Each of  the Intro packs comes with a 60 card main deck - there are the same cards as above in each named intro pack - plus 2 totally random 15 card booster packs. Each booster contains 1 rare (or Mythic rare) and 3 UC plus 1 land (unless there is also a special land) and a random mix of 10 cards in any of the colours.
Of the 30 cards in the 2 boosters with my intro deck there were 9 that could be added to my deck (ie there were 9 red or green cards out of 30). There were also 11 Black / Blue, 14 White / Black, 9 Green / White, 10 Blue / Red which is a pretty good mix for all the intro decks.
Individually there were 2 islands, 2 dual colour, 6 white, 7 black, 3 green, 5 red and 5 blue = 30 cards

Here is a list of the possible encounters you will meet in your adventures on the Plane of Theros - in all honesty I started to compile this list until a friend told me it was already available online, therefore I admit to having copied it and would credit who actually compiled it if they had signed their work. It has saved me a lot of time and it is, as far as I can tell, pretty well complete and thus of value. Thank you (whoever).

These decks are ideal to play with and then to tweak so that your challenges are generally close to the wire. Remember when removing cards from the deck that you need to think about the impact the loss of the card(s) will have on the other card(s) as well as the Lands. The artwork is up to the expected excellence in detail and design but the diminishing of it from the originals to fit on the cards has caused it, in most cases, to darken. All of the artwork depicts creatures, heroes and effects archetypal with our western views of the mythology of Ancient Greece.


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