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The THEROS FAT PACK may seem at first to be a bit expensive but you can purchase one from the internet for around £27.95
and that is a good price when you consider you also get 80 Land cards, 2 deck boxes, a solid collector's box and 9 booster packs,
and what is announced as a "special edition, spindown, life counter" which most games players would call a "D20" albeit with the
three pronged crown style Theros card icon instead of the number 20.

Online you can also find single boosters for sale ranging from £3.75 each from Forbidden Planet to £2.59 each from
So if you bought boosters from Forbidden Planet you would be paying £32.31 for 9 of them, that's £4.36 more than the cost of a Fat
pack and with just the same chance of getting the cards you want. Of course you could save £4.64 buying 9 boosters from Gamelore
but then you wouldn't get the extras - many places would charge you at least £4.00+ for the collector's box. The Player's Guide is too
large to be stored in the box provided. It does have ring-binder holes (2) for storage.

16 Red 4 different pieces of art.
16 Green 4 different pieces of art.
16 Black 4 different pieces of art.
16 Blue 4 different pieces of art.
16 White 4 different pieces of art.

Boosters Packs:
Lands:  2 (different) White.  3 Green (2 different). 2 different Black. 2 different Red. 1 Unknown Shores (adds  any colour Land).
Artifacts: 1 Foil included in 11 cards. (7 different cards. 4 UC cards.)
Creatures:  9 cards. (7 different). in this were 1 Mythical Rare (a Planeswalker) 1 Rare and 7 UC.
24 White:  1 Rare  1 UC    15 different cards.
23 Red:  2 Rare. 4 UC.  16 different cards.
20 Blue:  1 Rare. 6 UC (5 different)  16 different card types in total.
23 Black: 1 Rare. 4 UC. 19 different cards.
15 Green: 1 Rare. 1 UC. 12 different cards.

Players can build 2 good strong dual-colour decks from the cards in this Fat pack. Obviously Green is going to be the weakest colour to
include. It wouldn't make a good predominant colour for a deck but could all be included with any of the other colours if you added 10
(or 9 minimum) Green Lands to 15-16 Lands of the other colour chosen.
Red/White, Red/Black or Black/White appear to be the best possibilities for dual decks though with 20 cards Blue would make a fairly
good secondary colour.

Of course this is only my opinion. Another more important thing to note is that the fat Packs contain 9 Boosters = 135 cards and these are
always random so the split between colour and card types will be different in every different fat Pack. This probably the best way for new
or newish Magic the Gathering players to get a good selection of cards at a reasonable price and solid collector boxes to keep them safe in.
If you bought 9 Boosters (let's say at an average of £3.00 per) that's £27.00 and you will not get enough Land cards to build a deck. For the
extra 95p (as in £27.95 for the Fat pack) you get 80 Land cards as a bonus.

The Planeswalker story is the biggest and best in the whole of the Magic the Gathering megaverse and the THEROS block of three sets is
possibly the most exciting to date.




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