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              JOURNEY INTO NYX

NYX is in THEROS: Wrath of the Immortals is a JOURNEY into NYX Event Deck

Main Deck:  60 cards
25 Lands: 9  Island  4  Izzet Guildgate  12  Mountain
15 Creatures:  1  Ætherling   1  Battlefield Thaumaturge   1  Chandra's Phoenix   3  Guttersnipe
                       1  Ogre Battledriver   1  Oracle of Bones   4  Spellheart Chimera    3  Young Pyromancer
20 Other Spells:Anger of the Gods    2  Divination    1  Fated Conflagration   2  Flames of the Firebrand
                             1  Harness by Force   4  Lightning Strike   3  Magma Jet  1  Mizzium Mortars
                             2  Searing Blood  1  Steam Augury  2  Turn // Burn
Sideboard:   2  Dispel    2  Elixir of Immortality   3  Essence Scatter  2  Flames of the Firebrand
                      3  Izzet Staticaster    3  Negate 

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Mortals of Myth    Green / White

11  Forest                                          15  Plains             

2  Akroan Mastiff                             1  Akroan Skyguard                         1  Dawnbringer Charioteers        

1  Elite Skirmisher                            2  Golden Hind                                2  Lagonna-Band Trailblazer

1  Oreskos Swiftclaw                       1  Phalanx Leader                             2  Pheres-Band Thunderhoof    

1  Quarry Colossus                           1  Skyspear Cavalry                          2  Supply-Line Cranes

1  Vanguard of Brimaz                    1  Wingsteed Rider

2  Ajani's Presence                          2  Banishing Light                              2  Colossal Heroics                          

1  Consign to Dust                           1  Font of Vigor                                 1  Nature's Panoply

2  Oppressive Rays                          1  Phalanx Formation                        1  Raised by Wolves                        

1  Solidarity of Heroes                    1  Spear of Heliod                         

Fates Foreseen      Blue / Red

13  Island                                        13  Mountain    

1  Bladetusk Boar                            1  Cloaked Siren                             1  Crackling Triton                            

1  Cyclops of Eternal Fury              2  Flamespeaker Adept                   1  Omenspeaker

2  Pensive Minotaur                        1  Prescient Chimera                       1  Prognostic Sphinx                       

1  Scourge of Fleets                         2  Sigiled Skink                               2  Sigiled Starfish

2  Stormcaller of Keranos

2  Divination                                   1  Font of Fortunes                          1  Font of Ire                                     

1  Interpret the Signs                      2  Knowledge and Power                 1  Lost in a Labyrinth

1  Magma Spray                             1  Pull from the Deep                       1  Rage of Purphoros                     

2  Riddle of Lightning                    2  Rise of Eagles                               1  Spite of Mogis

Pantheon’s Power     White / Black

11 Plains                                          15 Swamp

2 Akroan Mastiff                              1 Archetype of Courage                    1 Archetype of Finality

1 Brain Maggott                                1 Doomwake Giant                          2 Dreadbringer Lampads

1 Eagle of the Watch                         1 Fate Unraveler                               2 Grim Guardian

2 Harvestguard Alseids                     2 Nyx-Fleece Ram                            2 Odunos River Trawler

1 Pharika’s Chosen                           1 Rotted Hulk                                     2 Thoughtrender Lamia

2 Underworld Coinsmith

1 Armament of Nyx                        1 Aspect of Gorgon                              1 Banishing Light

1 Cast into Darkness                       1 Font of Return                                   1 Font of Vigor

2 Nyx Infusion                                2 Oppressive Rays          

Voracious Rage      Red / Black

14 Mountain                                      11 Swamp

2 Borderland Minotaur                     3 Deathbellow Raider                         1 Fanatic of Mogis

2 Felhide Brawler                             1 Felhide Petrifier                               1 Insatiable Harpy

2 Kragma Warcaller                          1 Minotaur Skullcleaver                     3 Pensive Minotaur

1 Pharika’s Chosen                           1 Rageblood Shaman                          2 Ragemonger

1 Spawn of Thraxes                         1 Warchanter of Mogis

1 Cast into Darkness                        2 Flurry of Horns                               1 Lightning Diadem

2 Magma Spray                                1 Pinnacle of Rage                           1 Rollick of Abandon

1 Searing Blood                                2 Spiteful Blow                                  2 Starfall

The Wilds and the Deep    Green / Blue

15 Forest                                             11 Island

1 Agent of Horizons                        1 Arbor Colossus                              1 Archetype of Imagination

1 Bassara Tower Archer                  1 Cloaked Siren                                 2 Fleetfeather Cockatrice

2 Golden Hind                                 1 Heroe’s Bane                                  2 Kiora’s Follower

1 Nessian Asp                                  1 Nessian Courser                             2 Nessian Game warden

2 Ravenous Leucrota                      2 Sealock Monster                              1 Swarmborn Giant

2 Swordwise Centaur                     1 Triton Shorestalker

1 Defend the Hearth                       2 Font of Fertility                                1 Font of Fortunes

1 Hubris                                          1 Market Festival                                1 Savage Surge

1 Thassa’s Ire                                  2 Time to Feed

Of the five INTRO PACKS available, I have played the Fates Foreseen (Blue/Red Deck) against the Voracious Rage (Red/Black Deck).

The lead cards for these two decks are the ultimate in fantasy creatures and set the pattern of play in most cases:
SPAWN of THRAXES is a huge Red Dragon and Blue SCOURGE of FLEETS is a mighty Kraken. As a player and reviewer the conflict between what is basically Fire and Water is phenominal. Both decks have cards that can virtually decimate each other as well as cards that counter each other. Although these are twin-colour decks they create a
monumental game of the elements and I had several really tight games using these two decks before I started introducing cards from the booster packs,2 in each box. Having elements of Fire in with the Water and Death in with the Fire really adds spice to the decks. 

The Boosters:  
These are the cards from all 4 booster packs, alphabetically sorted into colour.

Lands: 1 in each pack. 3 Islands and 1 Plains.

Black:  Brain Maggot (Foil). Cast into Darkness x2. Cruel Feeding x4. Nightmarish End x1. Nyx Infusion x2. Tormented Thoughts x2.
Blue:    Cloaked Siren x2. Font of Fortunes x1. Godhunter Octopus x2. Hubris x1. Pin the Earth x1. Pull from the Deep x1. Sigiled Starfish x1.
Green: Colossal Heroics x1. Consign to Dust x1. Desecration Plague x2. Humbler of Mortals x2. Hydra Broodmaster x1. Pheres-Band Thunderhoof x2.
             Renowned Weaver x2.  Satyr Grovedancer x2. Solidarity of Heroes x1.
Red:     Bladetusk Boar x1. Blinding Flare x1. Flamespeaker's Will x1. Font of Ire x1. Gluttonous Cyclops x1. Lightning Diadem x1. Satyr Hoplite x1.
White: Oreskos Swiftclaw (Foil). Deicide x1. Eagle of the Watch x2. Lagonna-Band Trailblazer x1. Oreskos Swiftclaw x2. Sightless Brawler x1. Skybind x1.
             Supply-Line Cranes x1.
Gold:   Desperate Stand x1. Fleetfeather Cockatrice x1. Iroas, God of Victory x1. Underworld Coinsmith x1.


Theros is ruled by an awe-inspiring pantheon of gods. Mortals tremble before them, feel the sting of their petty whims, and live in terror of their wrath. It is a plane where barbaric, cave-dwelling minotaurs descend on wayward travelers. Giants stalk the land, drawing strength from the terrain on which they tread. Massive krakens prowl the depths of the sea and sirens lure sailors to their demise. Amid such colossal perils, mortals must find a way to endure. Yet on Theros, the hero’s mantle is raised highest.

Not only have the mortals endured, they have managed to thrive, for Theros is also a plane where civilization is protected behind the walls of great poleis, each city-state a bulwark against the raging monsters that roam the more savage places of Theros. Meletis, the polis of learning, progress, magic, and devotion to the gods, is a testament to the achievements of civilized humanity. It is hemmed in by vast golden wheat fields and the Siren Sea, and defended by their Reverent Army. In the polis of Akros, martial prowess is held in the highest esteem. Akroan warriors have reached near-mythic status throughout Theros. The imposing cliff-top fortress of Akros lies at the center of a network of outposts that serve to protect the rest Theros, a fact that comforts many Therans. Setessa, the isolated polis surrounded by concentric rings of forest, is fiercely independent. Strong bonds connect its inhabitants, and all in Setessa share a veneration of nature.

The Pantheon

A pantheon of gods rules over Theros. Each god has different attributes, desires, temples, and worshippers. Like the other planes of the Multiverse, Theros’s magic is derived from the five colors of mana, and each god draws power from specific mana sources. Each maintains influence over the mana that reflects their respective domain.

The Land of Nyx

When Mortals sleep and dream on Theros they are said to “visit Nyx,” the proverbial land of night and home of the gods. Dreams are seen as gifts from the gods. When they appear to mortals, the gods are actually infused with Nyx, so that the night sky is intertwined with their physical form. Gifts given from the gods to mortal heroes reflect their Nyx origin as well.

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