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is the latest collectible release for MAGIC the GATHERING rrp $40.00 (but don't expect to find them at that price, even Amazon have them up for $155.00). It is not
part of the MtG 2014 series, it is a selection of cards from the last 20 years and part of the From the Vault series. (see below)


This set is packaged in a super display box which opens like a book from the front, displaying the 3 packs of wrapped cards shielded beneath a firm plastic protective
cover. When you turn the box over there is a folding snap-opening which allows you to access the interior of the box, drawing out the packs without damaing the box.
The picture above doesn't do the box justice, neither do the card pictures I have included below. The designers have created a package that is, to coin a phrase, the
complete package.

The cards, there are 20 of them as you may well have guessed, are all premium foil cards and thus a collector's delight. They are also some of the best known and best
deck cards available. Every card has been part of a winning championship deck at least once during the past 20 years. Once you have decided on your best strategy
you will be seeking out 3 more of each chosen card so you can have the maximum 4 in your deck as you build your way to victory.

Here are 10 of the cards in the deck, the full list is shown below:

Dark Ritual / Swords to Plowshares / Hymn to Tourach / Fyndhorn Elves / Impulse / Wall of Blossoms / Thran Dynamo / Tangle Wire / Fact or Fiction /
Chainer's edict / Akroma's Vengeance / Gilded Lotus / Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni / Char / Venser, Shaper Savant / Chameleon Colossus / Cruel Ultimatum/
Jace, the Mind Sculptor / Green Sun's Zenith / Kessig Wolf Run

These cards are the same as the originals with the exception that 7 of them have new artwork. I have wracked my poor old brains but I cannot work out which
of the cards have the new pictures, though I'm pretty sure Swords to Plowshares is one of them. My problem is that I stopped playing MtG a long while ago and only
picked it up again a few years back so I missed a lot of cards and my memory is poor - it never was too good and now it is worse. There is a shortage of the boxed set
as WotC decided to make a very limited print run in English only.

Stores in the US are selling them above the rrp unopened (guess I should have kept my box sealed then!) or opening them and selling the cards individually,
which earns them more than the value of the cards sold as the boxed set. Some people on ebay are selling loose cards but BE CAREFUL when you purchase from
ebay as I saw today one of the main cards, JACE, the MIND SCULPTOR, on sale for £109.99 that is for just one card. Obviously the card isn't worth that and the
seller has made a mistake, either in error or in the hope that a buyer misreads it as £1.99.

Just how good these cards are for tournament and general play (not that anyone is going to use these in general play) is shown by the amount of internet banter there
is on the forums and card websites. There are only a few MtG sets that have caused such a rumble amongst MtG collectors and players and this has now joined that
illustrious elite.

It is possible at times to see if someone is using foil cards which is why it is often a good idea to build a deck using a variety of common foil cards amongst the regular
and unique/rare foils, that way other players will know you have foils in your deck but they won't be able to guess how good they are. This is the way I use foils in my
game decks. I have been going through all my MtG cards to build decks using 4 of each card, as allowed by the rules, of the majority of these cards and at the moment
a White/Blue deck appears to be the most powerful using all the cards of those colours, though Black/Red is also a powerful damage dealing deck.

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