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New to MAGIC the GATHERING or just in need of a good selection of the latest cards, then this boxed set is just what the Doctor ordered.
You can obtain this from all the usual sources, games shops, computer game stores, online at various prices - currently between £17.00 and
£27.00 on ebay.
  This is the quickest way to expand your collection or begin collecting the latest set adding cards from currently available


The 2014 Deck Builders Toolkit contains 285 black-bordered cards made up of 125 semi-random cards, (I guess this means
that not every DBT contains exactly the same cards) the 60 cards from the boosters, and 100 assorted land cards. The boosters
contain totally random cards as if you had bought the packs separately from a store (or online) and therefore it is possible for
you to find good Rare and Mythical Rare cards in them, as well as the silver icon UnCommons of which there are generally 2
or 3 per booster pack. Foil cards may also be found in these packs.

Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica boosters are part of the Ravnica story block. Each has its own ID icon plus there are cards for
the 3rd part of the block which have the two  icons combined and can be found in the Dragon's Maze.

The cards, excluding the boosters, are in 4 sealed wrapped packs. Each pack is different: The packs I have contain the following:

Pack:  61 cards
1 x Artefact Creature, 4 x Red cards. 16 x Green cards. 40 Land (5 x 8 regular colours)
Pack:  44 cards
6 x Black cards. 6 x Red cards. 4 x Green cards. 7 x Blue cards. 3 x White cards. 4 x Gold Land. 2 x Artefact. 1 x Blue Instant. 7 x Gold cards with 2 colour mana. 4 x Sorcery.
Pack:  60 cards
12 of each Green, Red, Blue, White and Black Lands
Pack:  60 cards
16 x White cards. 16 x Blue cards. 16 x Black cards. 12 x Red cards.

These are thus the basic cards for deck building: 22 Black. 24 Blue. 22 Red. 19 White and 20 Green

The Boosters yielded the following cards: 60 cards + 4 Characters.
6 Black cards. 9 Red cards.  11 White cards (inc 1 x foil).  8 Blue cards.  11 Green cards.  1 Red/Black. 1 Red/White. 3 Artefacts.  1 Gold Land. 5 Gold dual colour cards. 4 Lands (Blue. Black. Green). White. 4 character cards (Sliver, Saproling, Hellion, Soldier).

The Box is large enough to be storage for about 600 cards. In the box there is also a double sided glossy coloured how to play sheet and a similarly sized double-sided full-colour Deck Building Guide.

Overall this is a quality product for new, beginner and experienced players of Magic the Gathering collectible trading card game.


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