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Mothhead interactive art demo for Unity released from creators of Zombie Playground
Mothhead, a wildly creative interactive art demonstration showing the power of the Unity tools and engine when put in the hands of seasoned artists, was released today on the Unity website. Massive Black, currently developing wild actioner Zombie Playground, worked on the demo as their first interactive project following years as one of the film and games industries most respected and talented art and concept houses.

Based off of legendary sculptor and concept artist Peter Konig’s designs, Mothhead lets players explore two wonderfully creative and aesthetically different environments full of life. Built as an art demo to show the capabilities of Unity in the hands of artists, Mothhead includes very lite gameplay elements (on top of basic exploration) where players will have to bring a moth and its shambling body together to find their way across a chasm and out onto a patio where a friend is trapped and must be freed.

PC and Mac versions of the Mothhead demo can be found at:

About Zombie Playground
ssive Black is also currently developing a new successfully kickstarted ( action game entitled Zombie Playground where players take the role of children hiding out in a school to survive the zombie apocalypse. Designed as a kinetically fun action packed single and multiplayer experience, Zombie Playground will offer a colorful and playful take on one of the most popular sub genres in popular culture today.

Zombie Playground is also being built with Unity and will feature Massive Black’s incredible art but be a full single, co-op, and competitive multiplayer experience.
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