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Friedberg, September 05, 2014: With the "Game of the Year" and the Camel Up "Kenner Game of the Year" Istanbul Pegasus looks games while on an extremely successful year games back - no reason 'downshift. With the international game fair in Essen in 2014, the versatile publishing innovations are in the house. This season offers the player a varied and coherent program with the correct titles for every taste - whether family players, Fungamer, connoisseur or expert.

Some of the Pegasus Games Highlights in Autumn 2014 are:


Cult game designer Stefan Feld kidnapped in challenging equipment depths: it is necessary to collect data on an underwater research station through wise planning and action selection. Time pressure and annoying octopus make this task even more challenging. In this finely ground deep-sea pearl strategy players are asked with perspective.

Grog Iceland

The slightly different pirate game: Clever dice-auctions the players buy bizarre island real estate, such as the wooden leg shop and trade Grog Iceland comes from the pen of best-selling author Michael Rieneck ("German Games Award", "Kenner game of the year plus") and. from the "Game of the Year" 2014 editorial, eggertspiele.

The 7bte dwarf

The 7bte dwarf is fast dice game based on the animated film highlights the voices of Otto Waalkes & Co. In the gambler game all players are always part of the action: While a player seven dice throws one after the other and tries to arrange them according to size, must all other bet if he succeeds.

Hospital Rush

A new head doctor is wanted. To get hold of that dream job, the players have to put in a crazy hospital fully into stuff. In humorous illustrated Hospital Rush they try to provide patients alike, and outdo their competitors. Thanks to individual player skills here runs every game different.

The Legacy - Family tree of power

As aristocratic family heads get the players in the legacy their offspring with business acumen under the hood to increase their influence and wealth. Thanks to the smart card mechanism put the player in front of the pedigree of their ever-growing family and created in every game unique dynasties.

A complete overview of all the new releases of Pegasus games for the fourth quarter of 2014 can be found in the tables accompanying this release.

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