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Monsters Tower


 Monsters Tower is a fast paced game of manual dexterity for kids aged 5 to 95. The idea of the game is to clear the tower of monsters, each player (1-4 player game) chooses a type of monster they will be clearing, and takes the relevant monster card, this serves as a reminder of the shape of their prey.

When everyone has a monster card the monster pieces (4 different shapes of wooden counter that coincide with the monster cards) are put into the tower via the hole in the roof. The timer is flipped, and the hunt begins. Using only your pointer/index finger, you must search through the tower, placing your finger into the windows and trying to fing your shaped monsters. The counters are pushed around as you try to find your shape, and then push them into the holes in the floor of the level, knocking them to the next lowest level, repeating the process until you get them out into the basement, or until the timer runs out.


Once the timer has run out, the first player to notice must yell "BEWARE  THE MONSTERS" and everyone must stop. the tower is carefully lifted up, and for each of your counters on the table you receive a trophy token, the first player to reach 15 trophies is the winner.

Whilst this game is clearly aimed at the younger generation (my five and seven year olds love it) it is also a great game to start or end a night of heavier gaming with, being what us old gamers would call a "beer and pretzels" game.

The construction of the tower is very sturdy, all the pieces are nice, simple shapes, and well produced, and the rules are literally written on the back of the box, although having read this review you are now ready to play.



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