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Monster battling is taken to a new level with Monster Legacy!

 Dundee April 16th-Available now on the App Store, and Editor’s Choice for best new game, Monster Legacy is the latest epic adventure from Outplay Entertainment. The magical world of Arborea is under the cruel grip of the evil Lord Ardur. Do you have what it takes to explore cavernous dungeons, solving tricky puzzles along the way and capturing amazing monsters? Collect them, train them and form an epic monster team, then take on your friends in challenging battles.

To celebrate Easter and for a limited time only, Outplay Entertainment has introduced a brand new monster to the game. Called Painted Pegg, it’s a crazy Easter treat for monster gaming fans that won’t rot their teeth.

Gameplay highlights

Capture monsters – as you adventure around Arborea you will encounter weird and wonderful monsters and can add them to your team, developing an understanding with the beasts and evolving them into fascinating new forms.

Battle strategies – monsters love to battle, and the harder the battle the more experience you will gain. Develop strategies to level up your monsters and increase their strength.

Epic quests – Monster Legacy boasts more than 70 quests over 20 epic locations. Each time you play the game will throw a new challenge in your direction.

Glorious treasures – arm yourself with monsters and magic and head off into the deepest, darkest dungeons with your monster team. The deeper you go, the more glorious the treasure you will find.

Keeper skills – as you develop your monster’s battle skills, you will learn their moves and bond with them, developing your own abilities as a Keeper.

With hours of adventure and exploration, Monster Legacy takes the monster battling formula and gives in a fresh new twist. Download it for free from the App Store. Monster Legacy includes in-app purchases.:

Developed and published by Outplay Entertainment, For more information, please visit or ‘Like’ it on Facebook.  


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