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Modiphius releases Achtung! Cthulhu: Shadows of Atlantis, Dust Adventures Core Book and The Crystal Void Illustrated fiction

Out now: a triple release of RPG goodness!

London 11th Nov 2015 - Modiphius, publisher of quality roleplaying games, is pleased to announce three brand new releases Achtung! Cthulhu: Shadows of Atlantis, theDust Adventures Core Book and Mon Dieu! Cthulhu: The Crystal Void, a triple whammy of releases, sure to please discerning RPG fans. 
Achtung! Cthulhu: Shadows of Atlantis 
Leading the charge is Shadows of Atlantis, the first major campaign for Achtung! Cthulhu: The Secret War. Written by Lynne Hardy and compatible with both Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds RPG systems, Shadows of Atlantis takes players on a rip-roaring adventure across the globe in a race against time to discover a forbidden artefact that could change the fate of millions and the course of the war itself. 
  • A multi part 330 page adventure campaign that takes your investigators to the four corners of the earth and beyond.
  • Discover the forgotten story of Atlantis, a fascinating lost civilization.
  • Four different teams of pre-generated characters, allowing you to experience the action from a different viewpoint in each theatre.
  • New hideous creatures, terrifying threats, and unwholesome knowledge.
  • Includes dual game stats for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. 
Available on the Modiphius webstore as a Print & PDF bundle (comes with free PDF) and the separate PDF
Also available on DriveThruRPG   
Available in gaming stores now! 
Product Information: 
Achtung! Cthulhu: Shadows of Atlantis
Game Line: Achtung! Cthulhu
System: RPG Campaign
Retail Price: $46.99 / £29.99
Size: 330 pages, colour, 8.5" x 11"
Author: Lynne Hardy
Release Date: November 2015
Stock Code: MUH50157
ISBN: 978-1-910132-4-2
DUST Adventures 
Next up! Dust Adventures RPG Core book, based on Paulo Parente's Dust universe  - an epic alternative history of the events following a very different Second World War.  Available in both hardback and PDF formats this brand new full colour 212 page core book lets you experience epic roleplaying adventures in an alternative world, where war has advanced in bold and strange new directions under the infleunce of alien Vril VK technology.
Dust Adventures includes: 
  • Never-before-seen information on the Dust universe including untold secrets of the Vrill!
  • Full roleplaying rules using the official Dust dice (or just six-sided dice), including simple character generation for classic archetypes such as soldiers, adventurers and scientists.
  • Details of new and existing organisations both friend and foe.
  • Full rules for piloting walkers and using other Dust technology.
  • Tons of plot seeds and campaign ideas with guidance on how to run exciting roleplaying adventures.
  • Introductory Adventure, the prequel to the first full-length campaign, Operation Apocalypse! The defection of an Axis Scientist finds a group of Rangers in occupied France where all is not as it seems...
Available on Modiphius webstore as DUST Adventures Corebook (with free PDF)
The PDF versions are available on webstore and DriveThruRPG
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DUST Adventures will be in all good gaming stores from January 2016
Product Information: 
Game Line: Dust Adventures
System: RPG Corebook
Retail Price: $56.99 / £35.99
Size: 212 pages, colour, 8.5" x 11"
Author: CS Barnhart, Chris Lites, Benn Beaton 
Available: Now!
Stock Code: MUH50044
ISBN: 978-1-910132-22-7
Mon Dieu Cthulhu! John Houlian's novella The Crystal Void
The third release we announce by kicking off the brand new universe of the much awaited Mon Dieu! Cthulhu...
Is The Crystal Void, a new novella from John Houlihan.  Available in both standard and illustrated versions, this full throttle adventure is set during the age of Napoleon.
It stars the dashing but dim hussar, Gaston d'Bois and sees the return of the mysterious Mr Seraph and provides the first taste of a brand new world of swords against Cthulhu in the golden age of sword, musket and cannon.  
Product Information: 
Mon Dieu Cthulhu: The Crystal Void 
Game Line: Mon Dieu! Cthulhu
System: Fiction
Author: John Houlihan
Price: £1.99/£2.49
Standard Edition (as pictured) and 
Illustrated Edition  
Available on the Modiphius webstore in Standard Edition and Illustrated Edition 
Also available on DriveThru RPG:  Standard Edition and Illustrated Edition  


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