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Mmm! nominated a cinch 2016

Recommended for all ages: a nomination and two recommendations for Pegasus Games


Friedberg, 24 May 2016: Mmm Pegasus Games is one of the three best children's games of the current year. How the Jury Game of the Year announced today, is Mmm! Nominated cinch the year 2016th Thus Pegasus Games celebrates the first year since the introduction of the children's series a great success. The recommendations for the Games Animals on Board and Mombasa outstanding items are also represented in the family and expert games.

Mmm! Not only offers children from 5 years, but also the whole family an exciting, shared gaming experience. This also has the jury recognized in the nomination: "Particularly positive: The game fascinated children and adults alike. It works with any number of players as good. "With the lovely illustrations, the special sense of community and a big dose of stress is Mmm! An exceptional game for the whole family.

Already in 2015 Mmm Award!. The Viennese Games Academy nominated the cooperative breeze of successful author Reiner Knizia to play the games. In Mmm! Players must steal in the role of mice the treats from the pantry before the cat caught. The players decide together what delicacies they grab next. But you must not let too much time, because the cat them sooner or later on the ropes. One rule variation increases the difficulty and also experienced thieves with a new challenge.

Behind the nomination cinch do not have to hide the two recommended games. When family game Animals on Board (Pegasus Games / eggertspiele) by Ralf zur Linde and Wolfgang Sentker players share the herd of animals into small groups and take them aboard their arks. For this they are rewarded with points. Three or more animals of a kind are particularly valuable. But the road runs just over two animals. And there at the end of any points, because Noah claimed a monopoly on couples for themselves. With short playing and some tricky decisions Animals on Board is an unbelievably funny family game.

Author Alexander Pfister, (including Port Royal) has been talk of last with many exciting titles which inspires frequent players with its strategic emphasis Mombasa. With the sophisticated, clever concerted game mechanics the game has been showered with praise since its release - and rightly so, as the recommendation shows.


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