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The Mirrorsands
is one of the holiest sites in Al-Shirkuh. Here Suleiman single-hand­edly defeated the jinn, bringing an end to the War of Copper Jars. Pilgrims flock here in great numbers, but the journey is not without hardships. Glare so bright it can sear one’s eyes, a total lack of food and water, and blistering heat test the spirit as well as the physical strength of those who wish to worship here.

Inside you’ll find:
* The origins of the Mirrorsands.
* An overview of the many dangers that confront explorers.
* Notes concerning religion and trade in the region.
* Expanded information on the cult of Karmelos (god of war), including major festivals.
* 7 locations, including The Whipping Post of the Jinn and expanded information on Suleiman’s Isle.
* Examples of why heroes might visit and extra adventure seeds
* 3 notable NPCs.
* 3 minor deities.
* 3 new monsters and 2 new hazards.


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