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ARE You looking for a Christmas or Birthday present for your toddler ? Want a game you can play inddors or outdoors without ruining it ?  Do you know a gamer who enjoys the occasional silliness ?

Then look no further than TACTIC's crazy MINIONS Throwing Game. This game is available in the UK between £14.99 to £25.00 (using Amazon for reference)


MINIONS Throwing Game is NOT a game where you throw Minions, instead it is a game of skittles with Minions as the pins. The Minions are in different sizes and shapes, depicting many (7) of your favourite Minions characters; including Dave and Stuart (unfortunately although I like the Minions, movies and mini figures, I am not very good at remembering their names so I had to look online for these). Each Minion has a points value  ( 5 x 1 point and 2 x 2 points ) which players score for knocing them over. The first player to reach 20 points wins.


The ball used to knock the Minions over is a red PVC/Polyester stitched bean-bag in a round shape. It is safe if used properly. being tightly stitched and packed to a flexible firmness. It should be kept away from children under 5 or anyone who has a habit of biting material.

The MINIONS game has a CE certificate and a warning that it is not for 0-3 year old children. This means it is a perfectly safe toy/game, but I, personally, would make the following suggestions:

1. The MINIONS are excellent reproductions of their animated counterparts. They are hollow and made of a strong but breakable plastic that will crack or split if stepped on or dropped onto a hard floor. Breaking may cause sharp shards to be formed. These can be mended with a strong, but child-safe glue, though of course any mended Minion should not be given back to the child before the glue is totally dried.

2. The MINIONS game should be played on the floor (indoors) or on grass (outdoors)  - or on grass indoors if you happen to live in a greenhouse. This is for a similar reason as above, they are likely to break if knocked off of a table.

3. The MINIONS are not animal friendly, especially if the animal is a strong-jawed dog. Make sure you put ALL the MINIONS back in the box after play has concluded.


The rules are simple - set up the Minions as shown in the picture on the rules sheet. Player 1 throws the ball and keeps a note of the points they score. Then reset the Minions and Player 2 throws the ball and notes their score. Play continues with all players taking a turn at throwing the ball then setting the Minions up. Keep throwing and resetting until one player has scored 20 points and all players have had an equal number of turns. Easy for 5 year olds to learn and play quickly, and it is a lot of fun for all ages when played by parents with their children and grandparents with grandchildren. It is, as previously mentioned, also great silly/daft fun for adult gamers (maybe not hard core wargamers with no sense of humour) who, like so many others on the planet, are Minion mad. The MINIONS have really caught on worldwide and they offer fun and amusing entertainment in many different formats and media. The MINIONS Throwing Game adds positively to that growing merriment. MINIONS the Throwing Game has just what young children want - a well known franchise that they are aware of, it has colourful pieces, no sharp edges, and is plain and simple fun.

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