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BitFlip Games Celebrates Successful PAX 2012 for Digital Board Game Minion Master 
Independent Micro Studio Doubles its Player Base during 3 Day Show, Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign
Minion Master is a 3D digital board game for the PC (played through the Steam media). Its base is a collectible (or Trading) card game where players each have their own deck of cards made into a
theme by the cards themselves. There are various themes available, from the expected and regular Fantasy and Horror to the Spectrum theme which draws cards from all sources. 
The game is played on a 3D board which has several different terrains - Lava, Grass, Water and Dirt. These terrains can prevent some of the creatures (Minions) from moving across them, though flying
Minions have no such problems. A down view over a Minion shows arrows on the hexes showing where that Minion can move to. When moving, the inions "hop" from hex to hex, moving as far as they
wish to in accordance to their personal factors and abilities. The board can be spectacularly turned and flipped to allow viewing from many angles; it can also be zommed in and out so that you can see
the whole picture or the small pimple on a Minions nose.
Playing board games digitally on a 3D board isn't totally new - I remember Battle Chess, for example, of many a year back, but every new game that uses this feature gets better visually and with sounds
and effects that encourage play and more playing. Playing this game brings card games to life in a way similar to a Disney animation.
There are many options for play, from the Tutorials, which really are a necessity for new players, through to multiplayer and solo modes. The decks contain mostly Summon or Modifier cards, the number
of each dependent eventually on the players themselves as there is a card store where you can buy decks and cards. Remember though that it costs Mana to bring cards into play so it is no use stacking
your deck with wonderful Minions and no mana to bring them to the table.
Fantasy Minions: Archer / Footman / Catapult / Dragon / Kobold / Knight / Pegasus / Sorceress and Troll
Horror Minions: Peasant / Shaman / Slasher / Spider / Werewolf / Wraith / Zombie and Zombie Bride
Summon Cards: These create the Minions that you need to fight with.
Modifer Cards: These Biff, DeBuff, add Tactics or Master abilities to your Minions. Modifiers may help your Minions or they may assist some Minions whilst harming others - your choice to use them.
Minions Stats: Attack / Range / Movement / Defence and Health
Combat Styles:  Standard / Trample / Splash / Line / Arc
The game mechanic revolves around combat and this combat is controlled by an unseen die roll based on a simple formula: Attack x 100 (Attack + Defence) a good example of this working is:
Attack (50) v Defence (40). This yields a 56% chance of success, a die roll from 1-56 is a success, 57 or greater is a defeat.  
Plaers have an Avatar, represented on the board as a Castle Tower (see above). Each player has a draw of 5 cards from their deck and choose how and when to play them.
BitFlip Games will also continue to run the ‘Play with a Developer’ events whereby the beta community can play online with members of the development team and join a chat server to ask questions,
talk strategy and deck-b
uilding or just make suggestions and give feedback. Launched simultaneously with the multiplayer, these weekly events are becoming increasingly popular and crowded while 
providing direct feedback to the development team.
About Minion Master
Minion Master is a Digital Board game that brings together the moment-to-moment tactics of collectible card games with the long-term strategy of miniature war gaming. Players
battle with armies of figurines on a hex-based board. Minions are summoned and controlled using a custom built deck of cards. Minion Master boasts 6 person multiplayer, a Deck
Builder, Level Editor, and a constantly expanding universe of Minions to control. Players who pre-order get instant access to the game's Alpha and Beta phases. Inspired by physical
RPG board and card games whilst simultaneously adding in elements that are only possible in a virtual world,Minion Master is slated for release on PC this fall. To visit the official Minion
Master web site go to:


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