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SNOWMAN DICE by Mike Elliott (famous for about 30 editions of MtG and numerous other games) and produced by BRAIN GAMES is a frivolous, irrelevant, piece of nonsense that is so amusing that we couldn't help ourselves playing it over and over.
The artwork of Reinis Pētersons brings the North Pole to your indoors.

It's a crazy, highly contagious, borderline daft, game of continually rolling dice until you can create a 'Snowman' from 3 of them and push it to the North Pole (a thin plastic wafer placed equidistant from all players).

The game comes in a bright 'snowy blue' zippered snowball bag (made of faux leather) and has enough dice for 4 players to have 5 each, though you can stretch that to 5 players having 4 dice each or 6 players having 3 dice each - the thinner you stretch the snow dice the harder the game gets. Ofd course if you have more than one copy of the game you can combine them and have a multi-multi player chaotic entertainment of epically dopey proportion. Have I mentioned this game is daft?

Each die has the same six sides. A Push/Movement Arrow, A Snowman's Tummy/Base (with three buttons), a Snowball, a Snowflake, a Snowman's Tummy/Base (with two buttons) and a Snowman's Head (smiley face).

It's a bit like the old BEETLE-DRIVE game where you have to roll dice to gain body parts of the insect but in this case it isn't a cooperative game (though it could be if you had several groups on different tables playing it tournament style). The Body (Tummy parts) do not have to be different, so you could have two 2-button or 2 3-button or one of each to make the bottom two-thirds of the Snowman, only needing a Head to complete it.

The Snowflakes are 'Wild' and can be used for any part of a Snowman. Yes, a Snowman can consist of just 3 Snowflakes if that's what you roll. If your roll doesn't create a Snowman and an Arrow (you must have an Arrow to be able to push it towards the North Pole) then you can re-roll as many of the dice as you want until you get the right result.

Snowballs can be flicked at opponent's completed Snowmen (before they reach the North Pole) and if they dislodge even one die from it the snowman is scrapped and the player has to begin again. Have I mentioned how daft this game is?

Everything from dice rolling to building to throwing (flicking) snowballs, has to be done using just one hand. First one to get a completed snowman to the North Pole wins the Round and scores either 1 point (if they have used any Snowflakes) or 2 points if they have used only body parts and a Head. First player to 3 points wins.

Rounds usually last seconds.

Well, they Rounds did last only seconds until we got our hands on the rules.

Our Rules:
1. Parts of the Snowman have to be rolled Face up, but are positioned so that the correct side for the part faces the player.
2. The 2 button piece must be the legs/base. The 3 button piece is the body. and you must have a Head.
3. Wilds count as Snowballs or can be re-rolled to try for an Arrow (Wilds themselves Do NOT count as Arrows)
4. First player to push a complete Snowman to the North Pole gets 2 points. The game ends when one player has 6 points.
5. That's it!
6. Suggestion: Play or sing-along songs from 'Frozen'  whilst playing Snowman Dice.

Believe me, these slight rules changes actually make the game more chaotic and just as daft if not dafter.

Someone actually mentioned that in this day and age of the Politically Correct 'Woke' 'Snowflake' World this should be renamed 'SNOW PEOPLE' Dice. What a load of SNOWBALLS!!!!

In the UK when you decide to buy a copy please look around the internet first. Amazon have it at over £17.00 whereas John Lewis have it just over £7.00. Average internet price seems to be about £11.00

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