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Might & Magic:  DUEL of  CHAMPIONS

MIGHT & MAGIC: DUEL of CHAMPIONS is an online card based game that really has little or nothing to actually do with the original online video game.  Don’t let that put you off though for this is every bit as exciting and challenging as the video game and it easily compares favourably against all other online card games.

Each player begins with a deck of cards that represents their Army. These cards will include Heroes, Creatures, Events and Spells etc. The game is played out on a small grid, each side having two columns of 4 spaces into which cards can be placed on your turn. There are also smaller central spaces where cards that affect the row they are in, usually just until the card player’s next turn comes round.

The game begins slowly with players generally able to only put one, maybe two, cards into play. These cannot be used immediately but they are now in place for blockers this turn or to attack next turn. Attacking cards usually only combat the characters and creatures in the same row as themselves. If there is no opposition the damage flies through to the player via their Avatar. Take 20 damage and you suffer defeat.

There isn’t a whole deal of animation, nothing like you saw in BattleChess for example, but the cards do often  explode and light up with a spine tingling radiance as they are played.  Players may “buy” booster packs of cards which may contain better cards than they already have - as in all card games the best cards are only available in the booster packs. You can tell when you come up against a player who has spent time building their deck, you will get quickly creamed.

Each player has 20 health points that can be reduced by cards doing damage that hasn’t been blocked. When a player’s health is down past zero then they have lost.

There is luck in the draw of the cards and there is skill in their use - when you play them, where and against which enemy cards. Very well worth playing, how much money you spend on it depends on how hooked you get.


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