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I just wanted to update you on the goings-on with Midnight Syndicate and let you know about a new CD we are putting out.

1. First off, we just finished the score to the grindhouse thriller, "Bunyan" (  From the title you can probably figure that this is a classic "beer and pizza" movie and it is.  It's a lot of fun.  Creating the score was really cool as it required us to explore lot of sides to that that people have never heard come from Midnight Syndicate.  We'll be releasing a soundtrack CD along with the movie.  The producers plan to premiere it later this year, I'll keep you informed.

2. Work on the next Midnight Syndicate CD has been underway for many months now.  It is coming together extremely well.   It's going to have a classic horror theme to it.   It's heavily influenced by early Universal and (especially) Hammer Films as well as other horror cinema from the 60s, 70s, and early 80s.   I feel we set the bar high for us with "Carnival Arcane" (even won Rondo Award for Best Horror CD), so I don't want to rush this new CD.  It's going to have a huge (sometimes epic) feel to it at times and I feel it's going to be another special disc so I want to make it as good as we possibly can.   I'm thinking an early 2013 release with maybe some preview tracks in October.

3. Lastly we just released Destini Beard's new CD, "A Time Forgotten."  Now this is not a Midnight Syndicate CD.   Instead it is a CD by vocalist Destini Beard where she has created her own lyrics and vocal arrangements to some of our songs and put together a disc that has a "haunted musical" feel to it.

Here is a sample --

Destini has a beautful voice and the vocal arrangements she's put together really add a different character to the music.   Although Gavin and I produced the disc, this is Destini's interpretation of the music not Midnight Syndicate's.  I have to mention that only because the entire idea behind what Midnight Syndicate does is that the listener (like Destini for example) can interpret it individually.   Destini is available for interviews and such.
I was at GenCon many years ago and while walking through the Exhibition Hall (Trade Hall to us in Europe) I heard this great eerie music with a solid bass wafting over and around the stands. I followed my ears until I found this Goth-type stand with speakers and a cd player on the table and a guy  with a short back and sides haircut and dressed as if he had wandered into the hall from a trade convention - he didn't look like he fitted into the whole GenCon smelly-gamer scene at all. The music had drawn me to his stand though and so we started to speak, about the music, gaming and everything. I have no idea what Ed thought of me - an old English guy with a home printed magazine and a real excitement about the music - but I finally moved away from his stand feeling that I'd just made a new friend, that's the feeling you get when you talk to Ed, he makes you feel comfortable and as if you'd known him for years. Underneath Ed's easy going attitude though there is a creepy demonic dark side which comes out through his music. Over the years Ed (and his parner Gavin Goszka) have released several CDs of incedental musicperfectly in fitting as background music for role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu. I've heard it described as GEM (Gothic Elevator Music) and if it was playing in an elevator near me I would ride up and down all day - this is the music you'd love to ride to, but it's great for gaming too.
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