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Metro-Nomi-Con: Sounds like a French (Paris) underground convention for Nom(ad)s, but it is actually a really amusing, brightly colourful and loud, Jets versus the Sharks style, Battle of the Song & Dance, with powers thrown in for good measure, game. This is a combat based game where the heroes you control fight against a wondrous selection of exciting backdrops and sensational sounds. 

 It comes from Puuba and Kasedo Games and is formulated supposedly like a role-playing game but more like an 3D side-on arcade game, of the Heroes & Villains genre. Okay so I am hitting (breaking) the age barrier with the Jets & Sharks simile but the idea is that the character heroes and the villains stand-off against each other and take turns making threatening dance and vocal moves culminating in spiralling amazing pyrotechnics (like casting magic spells) at each other in a bid to wear the other side down.


Players have powerful characters imbued with musical abilities and chosen from a possible pool of 8. They all have special dance moves to baffle, confuse and defeat the opposition. At the start of each round the player chooses the character who he thinks has the best chance of winning and then it’s on with the music and into the war.


As the players win battles the characters gain experience in the form of knowledge, skills and new equipment. The music is loud and pulsating, from, amongst others, artists of the Indie and Electronic persuasion. As the music oscillates and the lights flash the characters abilities power up. Going back to the age thing, the music featured is from artists whose names will mean a lot to fans who dance to the chiptune beat but of whom I personally have never heard – I guess old age does have its perks (that’s a joke straight from the 60’s). Headline acts being: J-Punch, Yacht, Jimmy Urine (from electropunk band Mindless Self Indulgence – a modern day Johnny Rotten perhaps ?),Shiny Toy Guns and DJ Cutman. Listening (yes I found some on the internet) to some of these sounds reminded me of my parents complaining about the music I was listening to compared to what they were brought up with; this age thing goes around and comes around it seems. Anyways, back to the game ...


I guess the role-playing aspect is that you have heroes who can Tank, heroes that can Heal each other and the others in the group and others who can Buff (add special effects), thus making it an RPG in the way that an MMO is an RPG rather than how a role-player would call it.




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