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RAZBAM Fairchild Metroliner SA227-BC

The latest release from the RAZBAM development team is the SA-227-BC model of the Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner, a twin-turboprop 19-seat airliner.

Three Download editions are now available:

for FSX (£32.99 / €40.95 / $49.99)

for P3D v1/v2 (£32.99 / €40.95 / $49.99)

for Flight Simulator X AND P3D v1/v2 (£44.99 / €56.95 / $69.99)

RAZBAM's Metroliner collection includes five models in 17 civil and military paint schemes. The flight deck is complete with an impressive array of accurate cockpit systems, all tested by current Metroliner pilots.

  • Five models - SA227-BC Metroliner, Expediter, TP-88, C-26 surveillance version and USAF RC-26B
  • Detailed flight deck with fully functioning gauges and instruments, including navigation, communications, and engine control
  • Fully dimmable instruments lights
  • Detailed electrical system with five buses and circuit breakers
  • Electronic instruments include functional EHSI with multiple modes and GPS
  • AFCS (autopilot)

  • Comprehensive set of navigation instruments
  • Faithful representation of the EHSI gauge
  • Weather Radar
  • Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels
  • Detailed cockpit and exterior lights
  • Passenger and Cargo load manager
  • User's Manual in PDF Format

See the Just Flight website for screenshots and full details!


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