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First Gameplay Trailer for PlayStation Vita Exclusive “Metrico” Released Today With Launch Date Announcement

Netherlands based developer, Digital Dreams, today released the very first gameplay footage for their PlayStation Vita exclusive action game Metrico. Metrico is set in a world filled with infographics and challenges the player through levels filled with bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts, each of which directly react to the player’s movements, actions and input. For example, one bar diagram might grow with each step a player takes to the left, while another might decline with every jump. Players must explore Metrico and carefully analyze every move to see how they affect the world, and what will help them advance. This game mechanic, called “Input Morphing” forces players to think about actions that they normally don’t consider in a video game. Metrico is a combination of exploration, skill, experimentation, but above all: thinking outside of the box.

Metrico will be available on PlayStation Network the 5th of August in the US and the 6th of August in Europe, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Dutch synthesizer composer “Palmbomen” will be featured for Metrico’s music soundtrack and sound effects.

The new gameplay trailer, including the most gameplay you’ve probably ever seen in one video, can be seen HERE:

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