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23rd May sees the release of Men’s Room Mayhem in the UK and Europe for the PlayStation®Vita, iOS and Android devices.

For those who aren’t easily offended, check out the official launch trailer here:  


UNZIPPING, AIMING AND FIRING NOW! Men’s Room Mayhem out now – check out the trailers now

Liverpool, UK – 3rd May 2013: Prepare yourself for some finger flushing fun. Publishing Hero nominee Ripstone, are excited to announce the launch of frantic line-drawing game Men’s Room Mayhem along with a double trailer release.

Inspired by men’s room etiquette, Men’s Room Mayhem is a chaotic line drawing game where you’re hired as the janitor of your very own men’s room. You’re responsible for directing patrons, steering them away from trouble and keeping everywhere sparkling clean! 

Key Features:

·         Clean up in 7 challenging locations - from country pub to night club

·         Meet 20 different patrons with unique characteristics 

·         Earn trophies by completing in-game objectives

·         Achieve high scores by following the unwritten rules of Men’s Room etiquette

·         Blitz mode to test your fingers and your nerve

Check out the official launch trailer here:  

But if you’re easily offended you can watch the gameplay trailer instead:


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