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MAYFAIR GAMES have discovered a great way to spice up their previous games range without always resorting to
completely revising or repackaging the games in question.

By offering Promo Expansion packs which usually expand around 3 games, they can tinker with currently available
games simply by giving players the opportunity to include a card or counter or two, the rules for which are on the sheet
which accompanies the cards/tiles/counters - one page per game.

Mayfair Games asked me last October for a few ideas to promote STATION MASTER and here they are as part of the
latest Limited Edition Promo Expansion #8.

There are three parts to this promo expansion. The first is for the brand new Mayfair Games publication MAD CITY.
The CAPITOL tile can be used to expand the scoring of tiles that adjoin it. Clever placing and timing is the main key
to using it. The tile and rules have been created by game designer Kane Klenko.

The two tiles of RAKED SAND for ZEN GARDEN is a simple but effective way of removing and replacing a previously
played tile - except a feature tile with a cube on it already. Like the game, the Raked Sand tiles were designed by one of my
favourite eccentrics, H.Jean Vanaise - designer of many popular board games (including Shark).

This brings us to the two tiles for STATION MASTER.  As this is a game of my design I am most pleased with Mayfair
for publishing it, and continuing to support it, and for including these tiles to invite (I was going to say incite but that's rather
too emotional) Station Master owners to pull the game down off their shelves and play it again.

Tile #1: The Station Master's Whistle:
After the first train leaves the Station and has been scored give the Whistle tile to the player with the lowest score. If there is
a tie for lowest score then wait until the next train has left the Station - basically as soon as there is a clear lowest score that
player is given the tile. They may use it at any time in the game to send any train out of the station early (as in immediately
the whistle blows). However, if the tile hasn't been used and another player becomes the lowest scorer then they take the tile.
The tile may only be used once during the entire game (that is ONCE not once per player) - put it back in the box when it has
been used.

Tile #2: The Guard's Flag:
This tile may also only be used once per game. It begins on the table next to the train stack. On their turn any player may decide
to use the Flag instead of taking their normal turn (ie they do not get to play a carriage or place a passenger chit). The Flag is
placed above a train which shows that the train has a fault and cannot be moved. Remove all the passenger chits and return them
to their owners, then discard the carriages and the train engine - no one scores this train. After use place the Flag back in the box.


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