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1830 Cover
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Welcome to another edition of the Mayfair Games newsletter! It is a great way to stay informed on merchandise and support events. Learn more at!  
A New Catan World Champion Has Been Crowned




 Congratulations to Sander Stroom of Estonia, our new Catan World Champion!! Great game! 

Pictured here is the 2012 Catan World Champion Herbert Schager of Austria (left) with our new 2014 World Champion, Sander Stroom of Estonia (right)!! 



New Releases


Watch for these new releases from Mayfair Games and our partner Lookout Games!
Villainy: Become the ultimate supervillain in Villainy! Today is the day Fantastiman falls in this frenetic and furious card management game. MSRP $50.00 
Johari: The exotic gem bazaar of Johari awaits! Seal your reputation as the greatest gem merchant of them all, just watch out for the gem inspector! MSRP $20.00
Gold Ahoy! Find the treasures of the legendary pirate Golden Hook! The treasure only appears with the tide so quickly find as many paths to the treasure by land or by sea. Gold awaits! $20.00
Most Recent Releases


Ask your sales rep about these recent releases. 


Don't forget about this year's new Mayfair Games products.  Mad City™, Up! - expansion for Lords of Vegas™ - reprint pending, Hot Tin Roof™, Steam Expansion #4 - Poland and South Africa - now providing the 11th and 12th maps for that outstanding game Steam!(tm), Bedpans and Broomsticks™ from the master of movement - Frederic Moyerson (don't forget Nuns on the Run™, Whitewater™ or Bacchus Banquet™), and lastly Villainy™ - which for want of a better phrase is Dr. Horrible meets a board game.   


Stocking for Christmas and those non-hobbyist sales?  Consider Family Business®, Alibi®, Zen Garden™ Rocket Jockey™, Station Master™, Karnickle™ etc...

Upcoming Titles
These games aren't our yet but keep them on your radar for 2015! 
Booty: Skillfully manipulate the poker mechanics in this pirate themed game so you can get more booty than the other players!
Flea Market: Luck, gambling, bidding and timing, you'll need it all to score the hidden treasures in this flea market!
Cacao: Manage, manipulate and maneuver your resources in this intense strategy game. Chocolate is gold and you want the title of King Cacao. 
Lords of Vegas UP!™ 
Heading Back to Press


In stock soon. 


We knew we had a hit on our hands with Lords of Vegas UP! but we didn't know how big. The mega-popular expansion has sold out and is now back at press. Look for this title to return in the first quarter of 2015!


Get a treat this Halloween!
It's that mysterious, spooky and kooky time of year, so ask your sales rep about these holiday themed games!
The Witches: Set in Terry Pratchett's Discworld setting, it's not easy to be an apprentice witch. Work together. Save the world. Have tea.
Alchemist: Compete for fame and honor by gathering ingredients and making potions. The Contest of the Alchemists is upon you! 
Theophrastus: His skill of science and alchemy are legend. He only accepts one new student each year. Among many applicants, only one will study at the feet of the great alchemist and graduate to a life of riches and respect in the court of a king. Become Theophrastus' next pupil!
White Glove Demos 
 The easiest way to learn Mayfair Games is also the most fun!
Here are some other recent White Glove Demos you're sure to enjoy.

The Bob and Angus Show

 The Bob and Angus Show is a fun, light-hearted look behind the scenes of Mayfair, showcasing merchandise and new products. Starring veteran newsrams Bob and Angus.





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