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MAYFAIR GAME EXPANSION #15: Asgard's Chosen & Steam.


ASGARD'S CHOSEN: Little Ice Age by Morgan Dontanville - "there is something magical about the ice"

Three Glacier Tiles make up this variation on play. These Tiles add extra strategy to the game by giving more power for attack or defence 
for each creature with an identical Heraldic symbol to that of the Glacier Tile. Once a success has been gained in the battleground with a
Glacier Tile the Tile can be moved to an empty terrain space.

STEAM - Demanding Supplies by Morgan Dontanville

5 Demanding Supplier Tiles.  Two different versions on how to use them. The Tile is effectively a Goods Cube which can be moved to add 2 VPs.


MAYFAIR'S MINI EXPANSIONS are super value and can give old games a new look and feel.

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