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Promo Expansion Set #13:     



MAYFAIR GAMES "VILLAINY" is an excellent fun game and this Expansion Set gives a Bonus to the players by way of a Turf War,
There is an "added bonus" of Speciality Tokens and Buildings Tiles:

Tokens: These are the Powers....
1 (Dark Green): Toadie. Brown Noser.    D (Light Green): Sneaky. Schitzo.                     G (Red): Slippers. Hoodie.
S (Light Blue): G.E.D.  Bio-Chem.          T (Purple): Good Wrench. Serv. Tech.              W (Orange): Scythe. A Rock.

Building Tiles:
Arena: Gives extra strength for cash.       Armory: $1 discount on weapons and gadgets.   Bank:  Extra cash for alter-ego.
Car Wash: Henches Position Swapping.  Gym: Fight Bonus.    Jail:  $discount on Henches.   Salon: Extra Charisma for Cash.


LORDS of VEGAS: Mayfair's Casino Building Game Gets Three New Variations via 4 Small Tiles.
Card Sharp: Gives a more "even" distribution of Casino cards.
Skybridge: Sky-Bridges unite buildings.
Building Boom:  An addition to the Skybridge Action.

MAYFAIR'S expansion sets are inexpensive (usually around $1.00-$3.00 each) and offer players new actions for their favourite games.

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