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Matagot exclusively at Pegasus Games  -  Adopted official distributor for Germany and Austria

Friedberg / Paris, 30.04.2013 - Pegasus Games is responsible for Germany and Austria now for the official distribution of the games of the French Matagot (EDM) publisher. Matagot is known by gamers for innovative and unusual games. Especially with the board game "Cyclades" made ​​the publishing international attention. The announced title "Kemet" from the Collection XL and "Room 25" will be available exclusively through Pegasus Games. The new games in the distribution range should already be available in May from stock Friedberg. In return Matagot will release in France "junta".  

"We are pleased that we are now able to gain a powerful sales in Germany and Austria for our excellent products with Pegasus Games," said chief Hicham Matagot Youb A - B edran Pegasus Games CEO Andreas Finkernagel and Karsten eaters rejoice in the growth. great products, "Matagot has innovative and unusual games in the program, so it's a win for us to distribute these strong titles exclusively in Germany and Austria."

This press release in English and German as well as pictures of the three games mentioned, see  (this page may appear in German at first but it will translate to English)


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