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TANGLED UP IN BLUE (taken from the title of a Bob Dylan song) is the first instalment of this cracking game based on MARVEL's amazing Guardians of the Galaxy. the second movie of which is due out very soon - if you missed the first film then go find it on DVD and watch it, it's a blast; like old school Saturday morning cinema but with all of today's technology available to it. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a sort of private Police Force, a good step up from a Private Security Firm, but not the actual Law, that's the Nova Corps.The Nova Corps often ask the Guardians for help and occasionally offer some help themselves, at least when there's some major kudos to be distributed. The Guardians are also sort of Bounty Hunters, taking on jobs from anyone willing to pay. Unlike the Nova Corps, the Guardians do not wear uniforms and have very few scruples, though their leader, Peter Quill, generally prefers to keep at least one foot on the side of the Law, whereas their walking, talking Racoon-looking Rocket character is as mercenary as anyone could possibly be when it comes to cash and credits. The other members of the Guardians band are Drax, a huge blue giant who wants revenge against Thanos for the death of his wife and child, Gamora who is a gorgeous green skinned woman who wants revenge against Thanos for turning her and her sister Nebula into assassins and finally there is Groot, a walking tree-like creature who can say just three words "I Am Groot!" These words are said with various expressions which are usually translated for the crew by Rocket. Rocket also appears to be some kind of mechanical engineering genius; scratch "appears to be" he is a mechanical engineering genius, just ask him and he'll tell you.


So the Guardians of the Galaxy fly around the universe in a customised M-Ship called the MIlano. It is quite large, quite fast, heavily armed and liable to crash due to the non-diligent behaviour and attitude of its crew (aka the Guardians). THANOS is known as the MAD TITAN and he and other space villains misbehave so violently and so often that the Nova Corps are always in need of help and thus they give plenty of work to the Guardians. Thanos believe he is a god and that he is indestructable; he certainly is a big so-and-so, strong and not a little cunning. When the Nova Corps offer the Guardians a chance to go after Thanos they jump at the chance and so the first episode in this PC/Steam game begins.

During this episode you will visit the Revenent - a Kree warship, fight many villains, go to the Mining Colony of Knowhere, get inebriated, locate a powerful relic called the Eternity Forge (which, of course, everyone is after), and meet Hala who is probably the last of the Kree race, but she has plans to resurrect millions of dead Kree by using a technology that means killing other races to get their bodies. So although episode one is quite short it is also very eventful.Oh yes, Nebula (remember her? Gamora's sister, well she isn't on the side of good, in fact she has sworn to kill all of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps.


The game is made up of video sequences, action and decision making. Whenever you talk with anyone you get to make a decision on how you answer, and your answers will sway the game one way or another. For instance there is a time when you have to make a choice between talking to the Law (Nova Corps) or an alien named Taneless Tivan who has an alias of "the Collector". You can "do the right thing" or you can make a healthy profit, your decision will affect how the game continues and what transpires due to your actions. I am being a bit cagey mentioning this because I don't want to give the game away; it's best you find out some things for yourself.

When you are moving Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) you use the WASD keys. You also have to follow onscreen directions, meaning you need to hit the correct Arrow Key when it is shown, or the E key or the Q key and sometimes you need to also hit Shift and a Key. There are times when you feel that you need three hands because the Mouse Buttons are also used for various actions but mainly Star-Lord's twin pistols, left, right, left, right etc.


Throughout the game there is a super Soundtrack of well known "oldies" that keep the beat for the game play, this, the wonderful animated characters and those characters voices (not the film actors but so very much like them) make this a game that fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish. The main problem, if problem is the right word, is that there are a lot of quite long cut-scene sequencies which tell the tale very well but make it seem that you are watching a mini movie more than playing a game. Being as the episode is quite short - you can complete it in about 2 hours - you are left wanting....  Thankfully the creators are selling the game as episodes or you can buy a Season Pass which will automatically (so I am led to believe) update on the launch of each new episode (or at least the DLC will be sent to all who have a Season Pass).

My deliberations on this game are that it is a brilliant expansion of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters are spot on, the action is fun and fast and it would be a hard push for anyone who likes the franchise to find fault with it, as far as the characters, universe and ships are concerned. There is an auto-save that kicks in when it feels it is necessary and you see a small cassette on the bottom right of the blank screen and then a mini disk icon appears, but it is quite likely that you will be able to finish the game in one session. Of course you can always play it again and make different decisions to see how much your choices change the storyline.






















If my screenshots weren't enough to convince you to play then checkout the Trailer on YouTube

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