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Marvel Heroes – “Chronicles of Doom” Motion Comic Series - Episode 3
The time to suit up as your favorite Marvel super hero draws near! With the release of Marvel Heroes next week, Gazillion has released episode three of the “Chronicles of Doom” where Doctor Doom
takes a visit to Stark Enterprise and hacks their security to discover news of time travelers, the rise of a terrorist organization and the location of ultimate power in the universe.
You can find all released episodes of the “Chronicles of Doom” to embed to your site from YouTube via the following link
The “Chronicles of Doom” is an action-packed four-part motion comic series written by Marvel super-scribe, Brian Michael Bendis, which reveals Doctor Doom’s rise to power leading up to the beginning of the story in Marvel Heroes.
Please let us know if you have any questions about Marvel Heroes, the upcoming worldwide release on June 4th and if we can further assist in your coverage of the game!
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