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Mars War Logs: the official website and new screenshots! 

MaMars War Logs, the cyberpunk roleplaying game by Spiders Studio, opens its doors today with 5 new screenshots! 
If you wished to know more about this RPG for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, this is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your lust for information by 
visiting the website today! The updated website has also been optimized for smartphones and touch tablets, allowing players to access all the information about Mars War Logs, wherever they are. 

In the past few weeks, we presented parts of Mars War Logs with screenshots and videos showing its combat system and some of its story and locations. On the official website, you will not only find this information in even more detailed, but also new information about all the other aspects of the game: details about important characters of the story, information about its crafting system, the game mechanics, timeline, companions, and much more! 

You will of course find all the screenshots and videos of Mars War Logs, along with new artworks, in the big media gallery that we will be sure to fill up in the weeks to come. Finally, the website is also the place to find all the latest info: read all the news, follow the activity surrounding the game on your favorite social networks in real-time, as well as the 
Dev Blog from Spiders Games, who will regularly release exclusive information!

In order to celebrate this grand opening, we offer you 5 new screenshots of Mars War Logs, screenshots that you will of course find in 
the media section of the website! 

Mars War Logs will be released in Spring 2013 on Xbox LIVE®, PlayStation®Network and PC. 

Visit the website

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