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Mars Attacks

The Miniatures Game

Mantic Games

They came from another planet and now they want ours! Hundreds of Alien soldiers run rampage as the Martians launch their invasion of Earth. In the small town of Greenville,

the streets are choked with rubble and the civilians are dead or in hiding. The army is on its way, but they may already be too late. This is the day that the people of Earth will remember forever more. This is the day that Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks is a fast paced, easy to learn miniatures game based on the comics of the same name. 

The minis themselves are nicely detailed for single piece plastics, and aside from the odd (small) mould line, i reckon they are ready to paint straight out of the box. Only you have no need too.! The different factions, Martians, US Army and Heroes are all moulded in different colour plastic, making for an easier time to distinguish enemy models from your own at a single glance. The game is played out on a paper mat, divided into squares, and movement/range is measured in squares, so no need for tapes or measuring sticks, the rules are simply laid out, in the order you encounter them, with scenarios at the back of the book telling you what forces to use, deployment zones etc.. (personally i love this, as i have two young boys who both love the games daddy plays, but cant always grasp the rules)

The mechanics of the game are simply, but also allow for tactical play, for example, when you move into a new square the position of the mini within that square will dictate cover from the enemy, you can place a mini anywhere within the square but it has to be physically in cover (break LoS) to claim the benfit. There are also cards that you each can use to add bonuses to play in the form of instant plusses to rolls, or even artillery fire from off board, the latter can be stacked, max. 3 of a type, to grant better accuracy and/or damage, and also within the deck are instant play event cards that cuase random effects to one or both players, or even summon onto the board a Giant Bug or Herd of Flaming Cattle.


Within the rulebook are several scenarios that play out as a campaign in a battle for Greenville, the fictional town the Martians have invaded) and rules for each of the troop types, and 

individual Heroes that you can play, with varying mission goals for both sides to accomplish. The plastic scenery snaps together really nicely, and unsnaps for storage, to there is no need to find a bigger box to store the game once you have assembled it all, and has some really nice little touches such as post boxes, a stop sign and several barricades made out of random things one might use to stop the advancing Martian Menace.

You can do a few things each turn, activate up to two models, who can move and move, aim and shoot, move and shoot, move and play a card and so on. then you alternate.  I activate two, your opponent activates up to two until they are all done.  Then the next turn begins you remove the tokens and begin again.  The scenarios add extra victory points to each scenario, you may get points for killing things, or certain characters, or escaping the board, collecting research items, so many things.  All added up on the victory tracker, and when one point gets the winning points the game is over.

Overall i rate this as well worth picking up, and the expansions for it look just as great, i hope someday soon i will get to review them :)


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