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MapleStory Welcomes Mihile – The Knight of Light

Luxembourg, 18. March 2013 – Nexon Europe is excited to announce that the all-time 2D-Sidescrolling MMORPG hit MapleStory will be introducing a new powerful character available to all players!


A ray of light born into the darkness, Mihile - The Knight of Light is extremely powerful with his rapid growth rate and extreme strength. With this new character, comes an array of skills, fast level ups, blessings and enchantements.

Link Skill

The Skill that duplicates yourself!

The link skill receives protection from the light, which acts as a shield and protects you from enemies. Once a player reaches level 70, they can also transfer this skill onto other characters in the world.

Character Card Skill

When a Mihile Character reaches level 30, a Character Card will be created.

The character cards increase your defense and will be upgraded as you progress through level 70,120 and 200.

Along with this interesting and challenging new character, Nexon Europe continue to increase the content with three amazing new dungeons for Maplers to enjoy and explore. Whether you’re an experienced player, or just starting, there’s something for everyone!

Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery

This is the first exciting and different new dungeon. When a player reaches level 50 – level 120, they can enter the new Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery. The Dungeon consists of a gallery that contains four seasons. You can enter each themed dungeon by choosing from a variety of pictures. 

Fantasy Theme Park

Mysterious Madam Ming knows secrets about Spiegelman and his Strange Gallery. What  is happening to the Fantastic Theme Park she’s opened?!

A variety of Episodes and Quests exist within Fantasy Theme Park. Overrun with monsters and mysterious people, take the cable car to enter into a strange world of fantastical terror!

Sakura Castle

Probably one of the most beautiful Dungeons you’ve ever seen, Sakura Castle is available to players over level 70 and there are no specific job choice limitations. Discover the secret to the Sakura Castle and enjoy the beauty that lies within.


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