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Nexon Europe Celebrates Eight Years of MapleStory in Europe

Take on over 30 new quests by joining Gold Dragon or Red Tiger factions

Luxembourg, April 17th, 2015: Nexon Europe has announced that the world popular free-to-play MMORPG MapleStory is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month. To commemorate the occasion an update will introduce a new storyline and quest content, events and revamped character classes.

Over the eight successful years of MapleStory, nearly 4 million characters have been created in Europe alone, while an average 1.6 million quests are completed per month and over 8000 Maplers have found true love and had virtual wedding.

From now Maplers will be able to experience the mysterious tale of Gold Dragon and Red Tiger across 30 new quests including a brand new boss encounter. Gold Dragon and Red Tiger - two of Mu Gong’s most famous students – have now formed their own rival factions. Players will be able to pledge allegiance to either faction, and help the Dojo grow by accepting quests from villagers, running errands and undergoing training.

“In the eight years since we launched MapleStory we have witnessed great experiences from players, and that gives us unlimited pleasure in seeing that the game is still running strong,” said Ronald Schakenraad, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “We’re always looking to make improvements and providing the community with more enjoyable experiences, whether that’s with more content updates or events, it’s something we strive to give back to the dedicated players who have made MapleStory what it is today. Here’s to another eight more successful years!”

The update introduces changes to the Hayato and Kanna classes, both of which have undergone adjustments to their skills that further increase their potential in the heart of battle.

A number of events will take place to celebrate eight years of MapleStory, including this year’s Kingsday. Maplers will be able to visit Orange Park, where they can complete a series of quests and help defeat a rebel, while by collecting tulips players can receive a tiara.

Maplers can take a trip to the four countries of Starworld, each with its own quests and collectable horoscopes. By collecting all horoscopes, players will be able to obtain special Andromeda items. And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without cake and pie.

About MapleStory
MapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D fantasy MMORPG first launched in South Korea in April 2003, allowing players to delve deep into an exciting online adventure to fight monsters, solve quests and join fellow gamers. Since then, MapleStory was able to delight nearly 100 million players worldwide, establishing Nexon’s fantastic journey through Maple World as one of the most successful online games. More than 2 million European players have contributed to this huge community since May 2007, when the original European service launched in English, German, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

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