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A mysterious new hero returns to MapleStory

Nexon Europe reveals new character; upcoming holiday events detailed

Luxembourg, 3rd December 2014: Nexon Europe is pleased to reveal a brand new character for the highly innovative, action-oriented side-scrolling MMORPG, MapleStory.

During the legendary final battle with the Black Mage, six brave heroes fought to protect Maple World. Of the six, one hero performed the ultimate sacrifice to seal away the Black Mage – he was cursed and banished from existence. Years later, The Forgotten Hero was reborn in Vulpes, where he was helped by Moonbeam - a young girl from the Pointy-Ear Fox Village.

Armed with Pirate equipment and Knuckle weaponry, The Forgotten Hero has high Strength and HP, making him a fearsome opponent on the battlefield. With abilities such as ‘Fox Trot’ he can teleport toward enemies in a heartbeat, while ‘Flash Fists’ allows him to swiftly deal high damage to the Black Mage’s minions.

“His name may have been lost to the sands of time, but The Forgotten Hero has finally made his return” said Anett Jaschke, Community Manager. “I think MapleStory fans will really love uncovering the history of this mysterious new character.”

Nexon Europe also detailed a number of limited timed events that will take place over holiday season. From 3rd December, Maplers will be able to participate in the St Nicolas Event. By helping St. Nicholas collect colorful gift boxes they will receive yummy chocolate letter items. Different coloured boxes will present different chocolate letters that provide players with a variety of benefits.

From the 11th December, the Christmas Event will kick off. During the event Christmas Socks will be dropped by monsters. These can then be filled with equipment and items. 30 minutes later the sock will be stuffed full with a variety of Christmas gifts.

The full holiday event calendar can be seen below:

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