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MANTIS BURN RACING (VooFoo Studios) is an exciting down-view, arcade style, car racing game that incorporates most of the affects and effects that have been seen and played in countless motor racing games previously but with exceptionally cool graphics. You can select the race, choose which vehicle to drive, race single races, make a career of racing, continually race until you rise up the ranks, join the 12 minute endurance race breaking your previous lap and eventually total race times whilst keeping the computer controlled cars from overtaking you and docking race points of your tally, and all the while trying to go as far as possible in the given 12 minutes. The race ends when the time is up whether you are crossing the Start/Finish line or halfway round.

As expected, and as in virtually every motor racing game, the computer controlled Artificial Intelligence cars race the perfect line, cornering, speeding up, sliding, all on the perfect line which makes the game more intense for the human player. Concentration levels have to be high as does finger dexterity or controller control.


As I said there is very little new to recommend MANTIS BURN RACING above any of the other games in this genre except one thing, and that is something that is new to me in a racing game. This is the first time I have actually noticed the camber of the road, the actual rises and dips of the roads, the gradients, all of these effects are spot on and possibly the cause of my constant crashing into the side walls of the tracks as I spend too much time enjoying the visuals, the terrain, the definition.

Speaking of hitting the side walls this appears to only slow you down or spin you around but doesn't seem to damage the car visually at least. Some games in this genre have bits falling from cars as you crash but MANTIS BURN RACING is all about the race not the building or repairing and so it is more costly to lose time than the front fender, though if the engine actually dropped out you may have a different problem.


There's not a lot else I can say about it because as you have discovered from what I have already written, MANTIS BURN RACING does exactly what it says - well almost, as I don't remember burning any Mantidae along the way, unless of course they were in the grass I kept driving over. It's a fast-paced, arcade style, motor racing game where you view your vehicle from the air at a slight angle so that you see just a little more than the top of it. Unlike many of the other race games there aren't numerous tracks to race round, but those that there are make up for the lack of number or variation in their brilliance.

You might not opt for MANTIS BURN RACING if you already have one or more racing car games that you are happy with, but if you are looking for a cracking kick off to your onscreen racing career you probably won't find anything better.

 Is this the new racing car fuel ?


Way back in the early days of the game company Games Workshop they introduced a board game where cars raced around the board shooting, bombing and destroying each other. This idea was one of the first in the Battle Car genre  and this board game idea didn't ake too long to reach the home computer game market. Now, when you play MANTIS BURN RACING and you want to mix it up a bit and stop just racing around and around you can download the BATTLE CARS add-on and watch the fun start. Now you have armed and dangerous race cars with machine-guns at the fron that make James Bond's Aston Martin's weapons seem like peashooters in comparison, and then you have the capability to smash other cars out of the way, or blow them sky high by dropping bombs (mines) in their path. To combat this (a little) you can add military grade armour to your vehicles though if you drive onto too many mines wings might be a better enhancement. Okay there aren't as many enhancements for the Mantis Burn cars as there were for the old boardgame, which is surprising considering how easy and how much technology has changed, but what you do have is enough to make the game more interesting and somewhat different to its original format. Once again the AI cars have the advantage over human players and so it's best to play with real people either sitting next to you or online. 

You can check out the Battle Cars DLC here



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