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Mantis Burn Racing® Xbox One Patch Brings Significant Online Improvements, Adds Single-Screen Multiplayer Event

VooFoo Studios’ top-down racer gets first major Xbox One patch

Birmingham, United Kingdom – 29th November, 2016 – UK indie developer and publisher VooFoo Studios is pleased to announce the release of the first major Mantis Burn Racing® patch for Xbox One. The update, which is available now, adds new features including a new ‘Spotlight’ single-screen multiplayer event, makes improvements to the online experience with the introduction of a new Lobby system and the ability to race with AI drivers online, as well as making numerous bug fixes and general enhancements.
“We’re committed to supporting Mantis Burn Racing® long-term and we want to encourage and support the multiplayer community, so we’re really pleased that today’s update brings some notable improvements to the online experience for our players” said Mark Williams, VooFoo Studio’s Technology Director.
Here are the full patch notes:  

An update for the game has also previously been released on PlayStation®4 and Steam® (for Windows PC).

Watch the video                                                              At the start of the game there are four cars on display

                                                On your first race you select from these two

Having chosen one of the two cars previously shown you press "Y" to start the race and this is your vehicle - no choice!

The race kicks off with you in the Pole position.


MANTIS BURN RACING is a top view motor racing game where the cars speed round circuits smacking into each other and walls, fences and other obstacles without cracking up, breaking down or smashing to pieces. It is a race that has been designed specifically for racing as fast as you can round and round the extremely visual, photographic 3D race tracks. The game costs £12.99 which is quite reasonable considering the amount of work that must have gone into producing it.

There are many motor racing games available, they come along for the PC and consoles at quite regular intervals, and they all are somewhat similar and use basically the same controls. WASD for movement and [Space] for booster. MANTIS BURN RACING joins the elite in classic motor racing games. It demands concentration, control (actually you can use keyboard or controller), and dexterity. Unlike many of these games you cannot drive at full speed round the hairpin bends, neither can you successfully glide round them. You can glide, of course, but that usually means slowing down as the wheels drag. You have to drive your vehicle, at speed, round the tight bends and the long straights, but the keyword here is "drive". It is better to play this if you have a Steering Wheel controller that you can plug (USB ?) into your computer because if you have a good Steering Wheel, like one of those available from Thrustmaster (as I have) then you have more and better control than trying to win races using the WASD controls.

If you can take your eyes off the road (which is simply not advisable) you can see where the other cars are in the mini map, but it is much better to concentrate on your own car and keeping it on the road than watching where the other cars are and what they are doing. As you race under arches and round and through the various visual track changes the screens seemlessly join, following your car from a helicopter style view, occasionally catching it side on but mainly directly from above.

I have played dozens of motor race games and in the main they are all fairly alike. Some have better controls than others, in as much as the response of the car to the controls can be good, sluggish, and some are poor even causing oversteer. The controls for MANTIS BURN RACING that I have used, Keyboard and Steering Wheel (at different times), have allowed me to enjoy the game, being only frustrated at my own inabilities rather than any awkwardness in the game.

Can I recommend it above others I have played ? possibly not, but I can recommend it as well as or instead of others I have played as it is a good solid, fun, fast, adrenaline pulsating, speedster of an entertainement.


ABOUT THIS GAME from the website .....

The race is on in Mantis Burn Racing, where fast-paced bumper-to-bumper racing combines with intuitive, tactile gameplay and stunning visuals in one of the best-looking and most immersive top-down racers around. Drive incredible built-for-racing vehicles across highly detailed, visually stunning tracks, in high-risk, high-speed races where winning is everything. Prove your skills in an extensive career mode and take on friends with 4-player local split-screen racing and online modes for up to 8 players in ‘one-more-go’ style competitive racing. With a RPG-style upgrade system providing players with deep tactical choices and excellent replay-ability, this is racing at its rawest but most exciting! 

The race is on! 

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  • Compelling Career Mode - Test every aspect of your driving ability in a comprehensive 7-season career structure where you choose your progression path on the road to being crowned Mantis Burn Racing Champion. 
  • Bumper-to-Bumper Racing - Jump the sand dunes of sun-scorched Sand Town or burn rubber on the asphalt city streets of New Shangri-la in high-risk, high-speed but most of all, highly competitive racing. 
  • Incredible Vehicles – Choose from a roster of fully customisable built-for-racing vehicles in 3 distinct categories, each with their own unique handling and performance traits with speedy dune-buggies, versatile road-racers and super-strong 6-wheeler trucks competing side-by-side in the same race. 
  • Stunning Visuals – Race across stunning reversible tracks located in 2 distinct environments with incredible photo-realistic visuals for crystal clear high-octane racing. 
  • Intuitive, exciting gameplay – Enter a world of realistic, but fun, vehicle handling with intuitive and exciting gameplay where the driving experience takes centre stage. 
  • RPG-Style Upgrade System – Fine tune your vehicle’s handling and performance to your exact preference and playing style via a RPG-style upgrade slot system to customise your vehicles’ suspension, gear-box, engine, tyres and boost. 
  • Challenging Game Modes – Master 8 fun game modes - including Knockout, Accumulator, Overtake and Time Trial - that keep the extensive solo career fresh and exciting. 
  • Weekly Challenges - Race your way to the top of the Global leader boards in unique challenges each week for the ultimate in bragging rights. 
  • Intense Multiplayer - 4 player local split-screen racing with extensive online modes for up to 8 players allowing players worldwide to race together seamlessly. 
  • Original Soundtrack – Race to an original ambient-electro soundtrack written especially for the game. 
  • Regular Updates – Regular content updates during Early Access with add-ons planned post full launch, including free and paid content packs.



    • OS: Windows Vista 
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core 
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM 
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 500 series 
    • DirectX: Version 10 
    • Storage: 4200 MB available space 
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0C compatible


    • OS: Windows 7+ 
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core 
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM 
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 700 series plus 
    • DirectX: Version 10 
    • Storage: 4200 MB available space 
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0C compatible

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